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I'm trying to buy a SFS scenario for a new GM in my lodge (normally I'd loan them a printed hard copy, but current real-world circumstances make that difficult on several levels), but when I go to check out, "Find a friend to invite" doesn't seem to work like it did in the past. I enter their Paizo user name, hit "Find"...and nothing happens.

I've tried it on Firefox, Chrome, and on my phone; on both regular and incognito windows. Any assistance or advice would be appreciated. Thanks very much in advance!

Shadow Lodge

It turns out that the GM in question's father bought the scenario for him, and my attempted surprise is no longer possible. Please disregard this thread/question except for possible website bug reporting. Thanks and take care!

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Hi CanisDirus,

I'm so sorry the gifting function wasn't working as intended for you! I've flagged this for our team to investigate but am glad your new GM was able to access the PDF in the interim. Thanks for your patience!

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