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Greetings Paizoians! Your help is desperately needed! Despite the lack of our previous tribe of Goblin 'Hero' contractors, our harvest was exceptional this year, in both quality and quantity. But due to quarantine, we are unable to deliver our products in person! Please support your Local* Artists** and sign up for home delivery for a gooey spine-ripened confection of gobliny grey cells! As always, Goblin Brains are produced entirely from organic ingredients, and natural processes. Reserve yours today!

If you are attending PaizoCon Online 2020, are based in the continental US, and wish to raise your status in local culinary circles, as well as inspire body and mind with the scrumdidilliumptious rich and high-protein candied noodles of Golarion's own meanest minute menaces, take the following simple steps:

  • 0. Check the last post from me in the thread, to make sure we have some left.
  • 1. Post "Me me me!"
  • 2. Send a private message to me with your Real Name; Street Address; City/state/zip; # of PaizoCon Online 2020 attendees you could reasonably commit to deliver goblin brains to in your area (Contactless of course!)
  • (More than 2). Wait
  • (No more than 2). Feast!

The first 10 PaizoCon attendees to post to this thread will be guaranteed at least one goblin brain. The last two (2) slots are reserved for folks who have never had a goblin brain before.

Don't miss out on the best Golarion Goblins have to offer! - their heroically$ pyromaniacal minds!

Warning: Goblins have a diet notoriously high in peanuts, wheat, and sugar. Do not consume if allergic.

Praise from respected scientists$$:

Kigvan wrote:
Goblin Brains* (TM) ~~ the socially conscious treat!
Ryan Costello wrote:
All brains must be eaten.
Shadowborn wrote:
Most delicious and an excellent seminar snack.
Runelord Zutha wrote:
The little green things? Oh yes, quite tasty.

*: May not be local to you.
**: Not an artist, even a culinary one.
$: This should not be construed as an indication that goblin brains are sourced directly from Goblin Heroes, even were that to be the case.
$$: Scientists is used here in the widely-accepted sense of a person, real or fictional.

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...damn. I'm not in the US.

Grand Lodge

Max Voronin wrote:
...damn. I'm not in the US.

Maybe we need a stream where we all make goblin brains together...

Scarab Sages

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Max Voronin wrote:
...damn. I'm not in the US.

Not in the US either, but can attest from previous con that goblin brains are yummie!

Scarab Sages

Me me me! It wouldn't be PaizoCon without Goblin Brains. Count me in!

Alright! 9 Left! Don't be shy - they have to go to someone, why not you? :)

It would not be PaizoCon without GOBLIN BRAINS, so I will put my name in! One of the best PaizoCon traditions IMHO. :)

The first 10 PaizoCon attendees to post to this thread will be guaranteed at least one goblin brain. The last two (2) slots are reserved for folks who have never had a goblin brain before.

However, I would like to share the tradition.* If I am selected, I will forward my GOBLIN BRAIN not only to someone who has never had a goblin brain before, but to someone who is only able to attend PaizoCon because it has gone online. That is, to someone not just new to Goblin Brains, but someone new to PaizoCon too!

*If that is OK with you Majuba? Make that 9 & 3? :)

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Of course! I very much want you to share, and have one for yourself as well!

To be clear, this is not 10 brains, this is 10 *recipients* (i.e. packages for me to send). Do send a PM with address Curaigh!

8 Left!

Scarab Sages

Noooo going to so miss these this year :-(

UK is just a big US Aircraft carrier right.... :-D Does that count :P

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"Me me me!"

Was hoping to introduce them to my husband for his first time attending this year (I can't eat them but I've heard so many good things).

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“Me me me!”

Thanks for finding a way to continue this on!

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Glad to hear it numbat! (the introducing, not that can't eat part!)

Very welcome Tyranius!

6 Recipients to go!

Last call!

Silver Crusade

Oh, what can it hurt. Can't be any worse than zombie brains.

Okay, "Me me me!"

Gotcha in - 5 left! There's been some delays, so still open for the moment.

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Me me me!

Would be 3 left, but Closed now - sorry folks!

All en route and scheduled for delivery Tuesday or Wednesday.

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All now show delivered!

Horizon Hunters

Received and consumed on Saturday. I owe you.

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I’m happy as I was able to share the love with two people who did not get to experience the delight of goblin brains on their one and only (so far...) trip to paizocon.

Thank you, Majuba, for continuing your generosity. It lets me know that our community has some pretty awesome members.

Bring back the red brains! Also, did you set up a livestream of yer cats for GMs to decompress?

Very welcome LoL - it's my part.

As for the red brains, there might have been a minor extinction event that's preventing their return. I can play around with some recipes though. We tried some cross-breeding one year with red-speckled green ones, but alas, all 'mules'.

Alas, no one requested a specific time for the kitties. But I do have an email full of pictures of them that we sent out. If anyone wants that, PM me an email address (here or Discord during the Con I suppose - @Majuba, the lower number (higher just a mistake)).

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