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I bought the Fall of Plaguestone bundle on Roll20. It says I should be able to unlock the module pdf on my linked account but I can find how to do this.

Fall of Plaguestone

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Hey Decimus, did you link your accounts between paizo and roll20? Directions to do that are here.

When I bought the Rise of the Runelords adventure form roll20, the pdf just showed up in my downloads.

Yeah, I made sure the accounts were linked before making the purchase. My Paizo account shows I have an active partner authorization. No sign of Plaguestone in my downloads.

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Hi Decimus Drake!

I've just checked with our tech team and we looked at your account. As of yet, Roll20 has not reported to us that you have purchased the Fall of Plaguestone adventure from them. Unfortunately, until they do we're unable to release your digital download. Their customer service might be able to help out in the meantime.


Thanks for the reply. According to their FAQ I need to provide your customer service with my receipt for the purchase.

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