Bonus from Harrowing

Curse of the Crimson Throne

The bonus of the chosen card for the first chapter is "gains a +2 bonus on all Dexterity based checks and a +1 dodge bonus to his Armor Class"

Now, with "all Dexterity based checks", beyond skill checks based on dexterity and dex checks, are included also TS reflex, initiative and attack roll (dexterity based)?


Grand Lodge

My interpretation is no, not on saves, initiative, or attack rolls. If you notice under the reroll part it says, "A PC can spend a Harrow Point to
reroll an initiative check, Reflex save, attack roll modified
by Dexterity, or Dexterity-based check." It specifically lists dexterity based checks separately from the others because attack rolls, saves and initiative are not checks.

I've been playing it as you described Lince. +2 Reflex, Initiative, Ranged/Finesse attacks, as well as Dex skill checks.

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