Binding Advice, Extra Options Breakdown, and some SWEET tricks


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Following (by a long distance of time) in the veins of Douglas Muir 406's binding guide, I realized there were some outsiders that weren't covered. And oh baby, they're pretty damn good. They are also explicitly stuff that you can call via Greater Planar Binding. That, and potentially other stuff.

Just Greater Planar Binding (GPB):

Mustelidal Agathion/NG/CR 16
18 HD, +13 Will, No SR, CHA 15

It's basically an earthy monk minus the flurry of blows. They have a burrow speed and some stone-based SLAs, so there is some utility there. Their lay on hands heals for a large amount of damage, but their other abilities aren't worth writing home about.

GPB + Augment Calling or Caller's Feather:

Bastion Archon/LG/CR 20
20 HD, +19 Will, 31 SR, CHA 20

The biggest and the baddest of the Archons, and ooh boy, is this a good one. On top of an Archon's usual aura of menace, Bastions also have an aura of mending that grants fast healing to all allies and itself in range. Furthermore, like the Solar Angel, it can cast spells like a cleric. Their caster levels aren't topped out like them however, but having access to 9th level spells cannot be underestimated.
Even more so they have a large amount of SLAS, namely blaster stuff like Meteor Swarm and Polar Ray, but also crowd control like Prismatic Spray. Finally, it has nice abilities, such as shooting frickin' holy beams that can't be reduced via energy resistance and can blind. Slam attacks that can also blind when two connect. And if it dies (big if), it heals all its allies and consecrate its death area a la hallow. All in all, not a bad creature to call. I suggest popping 2K GP over spending a feat, though.

GPB + Augment Calling + Spell Perfection or Caller's Feather:

Cervinal Agathion/NG/CR 17
21 HD, +19 Will, 28 SR, 19 CHA

A decent archer, but also a good sentry; most of his SLAs are vision based and negating entry to areas with options such as Invisibility Purge, Dismissal, and Greater Scrying. Has some nice healing, too. Not worth the feats by itself, though.

GPB +Augment Calling + Spell Perfection + Caller's Feather:

Lipika Aeon/N/CR 18
24 HD, +23 Will, 29 SR, 23 CHA

"I'm rubber, you're glue" the outsider. 4 attacks for melee and ranged make this one versatile in combat, and its defensive abilities makes everyone attacking it regret it. Not bad in the skills department either, making it a decent face and librarian. Not a whole lot in the SLA department though, but its special abilities more than make up for it.

Pleroma Aeon/N/CR 20
24 HD, +26 Will, 31 SR, 25 CHA

Only has one regular attack, but it will wreck you no matter what you are with no save. Can cast spells like a cleric, but can also prepare "certain wizard/sorcerer spells". Their SLAs can make and/or break whatever the hell they want. They can not only create friggin' spheres of annihilation and wield them as their own personal power tools, but can make the exact opposite and shape their surroundings to their whim?
So why am I telling you to avoid calling these things?
The last paragraph of their bestiary entry tells you why exactly:

Bestiary 2 wrote:
... Should any be so foolish as to attempt to interfere with or sway their work, pleromas immediately retaliate by bringing all of their significant powers and devastating abilities to bear until the intervention is destroyed.

Note the immediate part. They. Will. Not. Work. For. You. Calling this damn thing is akin to the scene of Joe Dirt threatening to nuke himself, except with an actual nuke. You may not have the crappy hair, but you sure look stupid.

Draconal Agathion/NG/CR 20
24 HD, +17 Will, 31 SR, 23 CHA

The mack daddies (and mommies) of the Agathions has a lot of tools at their disposal. Most notably is that they have spellcasting as per Bastion Archons: not as strong as Solars, but unlike Bastions, they have access to domains, which can expand their spell selection slightly. Their SLAs are also really nice, ranging from healing to shapeshifting (Beast Shape II and Elemental Body III) to area control (Control x spells).
Their attacks are alright enough, with a breath attack to boot. A solid creature all around, although if you really want to cherry pick what kind of spells it might have or what element its attack uses, be aware of the colors.
Oh, and their lay on hands heal 10d6.

Veranallia Azata/CG/CR 20
24 HD, +26 Will, 31 SR, 29 CHA

Ho. Ly. HELL. Is this lady hard to bind? I'd say so; just look at that Will and Charisma! But if by some weird chance you can get her to stick? The Veranallia is THE OUTSIDER you want to bind. 7 attacks, 3 with reach and grab. Good SLAs, such as Quickened Wall of Thorns and Regenerate. The ability to reincarnate people as aasimar.
But the real reason you want to bind this lady? Full. Casting. Not just from the Cleric list, but also from the Druid list. And at 20th CL, to boot! And if that's not all, she can ignore the cost of any spell once per day? Need a True Resurrection and short on the cash? No problem!
While there are Veranallia Elders, which are more advanced versions with more abilities, they likely have more HD and are thus unfortunately out of the HD range. Just be careful about their personalities; they're as fickle as the seasons and even other Azatas have problems with them. Nevertheless, if you can get her on your side and deal with her behavioral issues, you're practically solid.

There was also something that caught my eye in regards to the Shaman class. Specifically, the Dark Tapestry hex, Alien Summons.

Alien Summons wrote:
Whenever the shaman calls or summons one or more creatures, one creature of her choice arrives with the advanced creature simple template. The creature presents a distorted mockery of the usual creature summoned, its body deformed and alien in nature. This chosen creature’s anatomy is so confounding that it is immune to the additional damage from critical hits or precision damage (such as that granted by sneak attack).

Advanced creatures with immunity to crits? On everything I call and summon? WITH NO LIMIT WHATSOEVER?! HOLY HELL!

Not quite. They're divine/nature casters and are relegated to the inferior Summon Nature's Ally and Planar Ally spells. However, due to the nature of the spirit you get them from, you can also potentially apply for the Dreamed Secrets feat, which lets them prepare 2 wizard spells per day. Combine that with the Lore spirit Arcane Enlightenment hex which can add more wizard spells, and you can get around that problem with ease. Enjoy your super-abomination Veranallia!

Oh, and for those wanting to help out with the binder but isn't actually a binder or for gestalt purposes, look up the Mockery performance from the Court Bard archetype. A scaling penalty to Charisma checks can be a big defense in this game.

I'll make a write up on binding Sahkils, an oft-forgotten species of outsiders, tomorrow. Because surprisingly, they have some unique tricks towards people seeking to bind them.

I think you are correct but have virtually no experience with planar binding so have little to contribute there.

But I do know about summoning monsters. And Alien Summons is powerful just with summon nature's ally.

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... Well, that was a hell of a tomorrow. Anyways, I might as well get this breakdown posted.

The sahkils are a neutral evil race of outsiders native to the ethereal plane. Former psychopomps that decided to rebel against their purpose of shepherding souls along the afterlife, they are a scourge the planes through sowing fear in myriad forms. As traitors of the great beyond, they have consequently earned the enmity of not only the psychopomps and other common celestials, but also the manasaptras, a lawful good race of outsiders that are unfortunately immune to calling magic.

For a general breakdown of all sahkils:

  • Tactically speaking, sahkils can be considered mezzers in ability thanks to their Spell Like Abilities (SLAs henceforth) focusing on mind-affecting effects.
  • Each one has a unique gaze attack called the "Look of Fear" (LoH henceforth) that varies between each sahkil, ranging from pitiful to basolutely debilitating. Furthermore, their "Emotional Focus" ability adds to the DCs of all emotion and fear effects they cast, including their LoH.
  • They all have Ethereal Jaunt and can activate it as a move action, which is a nice mobility boost.
  • Offensive wise, they have free Ghost Touch on all of their attacks.
  • Defensively speaking, they're similar to daemons (just replace acid immunity with immunity to fear effects), some spell resistance and resistance to cold, electricity, and sonic.
  • ... and Telepathy is always nice.
  • But the most important point of sahkils for this sheet? The reason I'm writing this up at all? Is THIS:

Easy to Call (Ex) wrote:
Sahkils count as having 4 fewer Hit Dice (minimum 2) for purposes of spells or effects that call outsiders, such as planar binding. However, they receive a racial bonus equal to 1/2 their Hit Dice on Charisma checks to break free of planar binding spells and similar effects, and their spell resistance counts as if it were 5 higher for the purpose of breaking free of planar binding spells and similar effects.

With this being built in mind directly for binders, it's surprising that there aren't as many discussions about this ability in binder builds. In return for making them able to call up sooner, it also makes calling Sahkils a risky maneuver. On one hand, you get more power earlier, but on the other hand, they can wreak havoc against you and your party, especially if they're more powerful than you. Soooooo let's discuss this!

NOTE: Stats listed in parenthesis are in regards to binding attempts due to Easy to Call. For example, an Nucol's regular CHA is 16 but it's Easy to Call adds 1/2 it's HD (5/2=2 rounded down), turning it's CHA into 18 in regards to binder.

Lesser Planar Binding:

Esipil/CR 2
3 (2) HD, +4 Will, No SR (5), CHA 12 (13)

The weakest of the sahkils, but also the easiest to manage. Can be accessed as familiars via Improved Familiar, but even then there's better options, especially since Contact Other Plane is WAY WORSE than Commune. Still, if you need a recon monster, it's passable. It has some surprising abilities, though, namely the ability to grab creatures one size larger than it is and confusing criticals with no save. Their LoF is garbage, though. You can do better.

Nucol/CR 4
5 (2) HD, +2 Will, 15 SR (20), CHA 16 (18)

This is more of a muscle option thanks to its gore and 40 ft. speed. We're starting to see DR, too. It also has a disease ability, but the DC is rather easy to beat. LoF is still garbage, but Grease 3/day can be fun. Remove Disease can be pretty flavorful as a bargaining tool.

Wihsaak/CR 6
8 (4) HD, +7 Will, 17 SR (22), CHA 14 (18)

4 attacks and 80 ft. flight give it some options. Spamming Vomit Swarm can be good crowd control, especially with its immunity to swarms. Its other SLAs are okay for its level, with See Invisibility and Unholy Blight 1/day. Getting a buff to DR is also good. Being able to confuse everything within 100 ft. would be nicer if the Will save was harder to beat. Lof can have a decent duration now, maybe.

Ichkoh/CR 7
9 (5) HD, +11 Will, 18 SR (23), CHA 21 (25)

Now we're getting somewhere. Constant See Invisibility, At-Will Dimension Door and Invisibility, and some solid buffs and nasty debuffs make up this beast's SLAs. Fall Apart is a nasty Will-save debuff, even with a cooldown. Their LoH is the same as the Wihsaak's, unfortunately, but with a better DC.

Lesser Planar Binding + Augment Calling:

Pakalchi/CR 9
11 (7) HD, +10 Will, 20 SR (25), CHA 21 (26)

Possibly the most goth outsider in all of PF, and an incredibly solid creature to call with PB. 6 melee attacks, 4 ranged, and a pseudo-lunge on any one melee attack (including AoOs; remember it has Combat Reflexes!) are a great start. The ability to entangle adjacent creatures without any action on their part and a poison that can disrupt team players make them great at field control. Their SLAs make them look even better, with the ability to fly, charm, and dominate people are amazing. Constant True Seeing is great as well. It's like this thing is the sahkil's answer to succubi. Oh, and their LoH finally make people panicked!

Zohanil/CR 10
12 (8) HD, +14 Will, 21 SR (25), CHA 19 (25)

These guys are a tanky option with 130+ HP. Greater Invisibility and Overwhelming Grief can help set up sneak attacks rather well. See Invisibility is nice too, but the rest of the SLAs are meh. Addiction isn't going to help much in battles and their LoH is weaker than the Pakalchi's. Zohanil's a bit of a niche, but if you wanna make your rogue happy, bring this guy.

Planar Binding + Augment Calling:

Thanks to Easy to Call, these two are hands down the nastiest creatures you can call with PB. But it's that same ability that makes them so dangerous to you, too. Call with caution.

Qolok/CR 16
18 (14) HD, +17 Will; +8 against mind-affecting effects, 27 SR (32), CHA 21 (30)

Now keeping these things in line are starting to get hard. But damn what you get in return for calling this big boy; 6 attacks (one with extra reach and grab), swallow whole plus a phobia from being eaten alive and fast healing establishes it as good muscle. Their LoH helps it with this role, too, with it gaining temp HP for every enemy it frightens. It doesn't choke on the SLA department either: with 18 CL, its Disintegrate can wreck the hell out of people, Greater Dispel Magic is a versatile counter to a lot of magic, and Mind Blank, Magic Circle Against Good, and Air Walk are solid buffs. Nasty thing to fight, but just as nasty to control.

Ximtal/CR 17
18 (14) HD, +17 Will, 28 SR (33), CHA 23 (32)

A flying grappler is always good as a martial, especially when its large, under a constant Greater Magical Fang and carries an infectious debilitating disease. Its SLAS are save-or-suck by nature, especially regarding Cloudkill, Imprisonment, and Maze. Feast on Fear is a good way to get temp HP (which it needs due to the lack of fast healing) and deal with chaff simultaneously. Miasma can be an excellent defense option and crowd control, and Isolation WILL ruin any team player. It's LoH is lacking only compared to the Qolok, because frightened is just that good of a condition.

Greater Planar Binding + Augment Calling + Spell Perfection/Caller's Feather:

Kimenhul/CR 20
25 (21) HD, +23 Will; +8 against mind-affecting effects , 31 SR (36), CHA 26 (38, WHAT)

All sahkils are nightmare fuel incarnate, but the Kimenhul is the most horrible of them all. It's so evil, it can explicitly inflict PTSD on everything within 300 ft. at will. Its LoH can paralyze, and even those immune to paralysis via special abilities or spells are not safe. 7 ATTACKS WITH GRAB AND CHARISMA BLEED. And if you're grabbed, this hulking abomination can drag you screaming to the Ethereal Plane as a swift action with no save. Unsettled Mind can just wreck anybody, with spellcasters being especially screwed. And its SLAs are a literal nightmare to deal with thanks to access to Blasphemy, Eyebite, and Weird. It doesn't get spells though, and to be honest, I'm glad: when this thing gets out, and I DO mean when, do you really want it to have a full spell list against you?

It's a short list for the sahkils, but thanks to Book of the Damned, they also have their own demigods, the Sahkil Tormentors. These tormentors are strong enough sahkils that they even offer boons via the Fiendish Obedience feat. I'll cover those tomorrow. And I DO mean tomorrow!

I'm really chuffed that someone is picking this up and running with it. Thanks, Reduxist.

For people who like this sort of thing, here's my collection of guides, most of them having to do with Planar Binding.

Doug M.

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A general note on sahkils: if you know what you're dealing with, they're easy to prep for. A lot of their powers involve fear effects. And the thing about fear effects is, they're easily shut down with low-level spells (Calm Emotions, Remove Fear) that can easily be put on cheap magic items (potions, wands, Soothing Stole, Padma Blossom...). For that matter, you can just summon a Paracletus Aeon and have it cast Calm Emotions (3x day, suppresses all fear effects).

Doug M.

@ Douglas , I'm glad you like these two cents I'm throwing here! Means a lot, bud.

Now for the actual coverage of the sahkil tormentors. They're relatively middling outsiders as far as demigods go, ranging from CR 21 to 25. Their boons aren't extremely powerful, mostly manifesting as twice-per-day SLAs that have a max level of 6th level spells at 20th level. Regardless, they're an option that can be used not only for flavorful NPCs but also there are some actually good options!

Note that while the Book of the Damned labels these demigods as CE aligned, the sahkil outsiders are labeled NE. James Jacobs has rectified this in a post a couple years ago, saying that the tormentors are NE.


Areas of Concern: Brutality, torture, wild animals
Domains (Subdomains): Animal, Destruction (Rage, Torture), Evil (Fear), Strength (Ferocity)
Favored Weapon: Kukri
Obedience: Commit self harm. Get a decent AC bonus against animals and vermin. Bloodbath damages you and can be negated with a save, but Fear and Blade Barrier are good crowd control, the latter moreso.
Lore: Easy to make mad; owns a death-trap and monster filled labryinth.
Overall: Mixed start to the list; she has decent domains and a great favored weapon, but her SLAs can be hit-or-miss and self harm is a big trigger for a lot of people.

Name: Chamiaholom
Areas of Concern: Domination, hopelessness, mortality
Domains (Subdomains): Death (Murder, Undead), Evil (Fear), Magic, Repose (Souls)
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff
Obedience: Be a pessimistic fortune-teller. +1 to enchantment spell and SLA DCs. SLAs are Grasping Corpse, Animate Dead and Create Undead.
Lore: Spooky scary skeleton. Also moonlights as Failbaddon with The House of Itinerant Souls being his Terra.
Overall: My personal favorite. The obedience is safe and easy to do and offers a lot of benefits, enchanters especially. Animate Dead and Create Undead as SLAs save a LOT of cash.

Name: Charg
Areas of Concern: Catastrophic decline, detrimental complacency, monsters
Domains (Subdomains): Destruction (Catastrophe), Evil (Fear), Madness (Nightmare), Strength (Ferocity)
Favored Weapon: Falchion
Obedience: Meditate about dangerous animals eating. Conjuration spells last 2 rounds longer. Some save-or-suck touch spells and Summon Monster VI as SLAs.
Lore: It's body horror. That's it.
Overall: Largely underwhelming, although access to the falchion is nice and summoners can appreciate the boon.

Name: Dacherzul
Areas of Concern: Deadly pranks, stalkers, sudden death
Domains (Subdomains): Charm, Evil (Fear), Luck (Curse), Trickery (Deception)
Favored Weapon: Rapier
Obedience: Think vengefully. Get bonuses on bluff and stealth. Summon Monster VI, Phantasmal Killer, and Mislead are a varied pack of SLAs.
Lore: Faux Affably Evil. Nothing else.
Overall: I like him. Could be fun as a character. Domains are alright, rapier access is nice and the obedience has a lot of uses for a rogue. Mislead is great for mind games. Phantasmal Killer is inconsistent as a save-or-die, though.

Name: Hataam
Areas of Concern: Drought, drowning, stagnation
Domains (Subdomains): Evil (Fear), Travel, Water (Rivers), Weather (Seasons, Storms)
Favored Weapon: Net
Obedience: Dam a water source. Shove some rocks in a creek if you can and you become a better swimmer. Your SLAs allow you to win in splash fights, make people think they're drowning on dry land and mess with the water.
Lore: Looks like flotsam and rotten limbs. Popular in swamps.
Overall: Could be marginally useful in aquatic campaigns, but honestly Hataam seems like hot garbage.

Name: Iggeret (SUICIDE TW IN LORE)
Areas of Concern: Darkness, empty places, pits
Domains (Subdomains): Darkness (Loss, Night), Evil (Fear), Protection, Void (Isolation)
Favored Weapon: Shortbow
Obedience: Hiding good things from people makes you harder to magically find. You can cast Darkness, Acid Pit, and Phobia as SLAs.
Lore: Little girl decided to hide from her parents, they killed themselves in despair and the girl hid with their corpses until she died too. Then she became a sahkil tormentor. Jesus, that's dark.
Overall: That obedience can piss people off for minimal benefit. Shortbow and domain choices are nice, but not enough to justify this edgy girl as your god. Acid pit has a very small price tag dodge, though.

Areas of Concern: Delusions of authority, doubt, torment
Domains (Subdomains): Artifice (Toil), Evil (Fear), Nobility (Judgment), Strength (Resolve)
Favored Weapon: Longsword
Obedience: Destroy evidence of your own misdeeds or manipulate someone into working against themselves. +2 to Will saves. You can smack ghosts around at range, make one creature your friend for a while, or give several people a suggestion.
Lore: Who knows what the hell this thing is? It could be a shadow in the corner of your eye, or a noise obscured by distance. It could be observing you right now.
Overall: Nameless is a really cool damn concept for a god. The SLAs aren't bad for mezzers, and anyone can benefit from a Will save bonus. Longsword proficiency is nice, too!

Name: Ozranvial
Areas of Concern: Despair, restless spirits, sadism
Domains (Subdomains): Destruction (Torture), Evil (Fear), Madness (Nightmare), Repose (Souls)
Favored Weapon: Scorpion Whip
Obedience: Abuse some, become more intimidating. Death Knell is a decent buff, Fear can do crowd control, and Harm is an alright burst damage.
Lore: She wants to be your friend! Don't fall for it; she'll gaslight you over time.
Overall: A god for total scumbags! And martials/intimidators that like a smidge of offensive magic.

Name: Shawnari
Areas of Concern: Isolation, loneliness, lost time
Domains (Subdomains): Darkness (Loss), Evil (Fear), Knowledge (Memory), Void (Isolation)
Favored Weapon: Sap
Obedience: Hide and pray, get better at hiding. Invisibility makes you hard to find, Modify Memory gives you a get-out-of-jail-free card if you get found, and Repulsion makes people not want to find you.
Lore: Works against the other tormentors, but not much else is known, likely because she's a good hider.
Overall: Goddess of gaslighting. Might be dangerous in the hands of the wrong player. Repulsion has a small price tag avoidance.

Name: Velgaas
Areas of Concern: Emotional manipulation, emptiness, ignorance
Domains (Subdomains): Charm, Evil (Corruption, Fear), Knowledge (Memory, Thought), Void
Favored Weapon: Spiked Chain
Obedience: Have someone humiliate themselves and become a better liar. Detect Thoughts is great socially, Mindwipe is great for a lot of reasons (debuffing, anti-magic, social), and Mass Suggestion can control a lot of people.
Lore: The most patient tormentor, he's basically Geryon (scaly liar).
Overall: Not a bad deity, to be honest.

Name: Vermilion Mother
Areas of Concern: Fecundity, overgrown places, psychoactive plants
Domains (Subdomains): Charm (Lust), Evil (Fear), Plant (Decay, Growth), Weather
Favored Weapon: Scythe
Obedience: Do drugs or grow them, resist plants better. Sickening Entanglement is nice area denial, Curse Terrain avoids a 700 GP price tag and can prevent travelers from entering. Green Caress can be nasty to enemies that fail, but at that level, it'll be hard to connect.
Lore: The bad trip incarnate, she manifests and controls every dangerous plant and fungi imaginable.
Overall: I like the plant theme and she pulls it well. Her SLAs are alright, although it'll be hard to make enemies fail their saves against them.

Areas of Concern: Evisceration, fatal falls, genocide
Domains (Subdomains): Air (Wind), Destruction (Rage), Evil (Fear), War (Blood)
Favored Weapon: Terbutje
Obedience: Abuse animals and deal more damage with weapons. Create Pit and Blade Barrier great area control, while Greater Oneiric Horror is a nasty save-or-suck.
Lore: An ooze-like jerk, this guy is stuck in a basement, likely because the other tormentors thought he was a jerk, with his followers, who are likely also jerks.
Overall: Jerk. Great SLAs, but the weapon is easily breakable crap.

Name: Zipacna
Areas of Concern: Avoiding responsibility, shifting earth, violence
Domains (Subdomains): Earth, Evil (Corruption, Fear), Fire (Ash), Strength (Ferocity)
Favored Weapon: Tepoztopilli
Obedience: Be lazy in the dark, and somehow become scarier. Bull's Strength is likely redundant at this point and Confusion is unreliable, but Move Earth can open up a lot of area control options.
Lore: Lazy gator that likes to abuse his worshippers.
Overall: Bleh all around, especially on the fragile weapon. I like the Ash subdomain, though.

And that's it! Hope you all enjoyed reading the sahkil subsection. I know I enjoyed writing it.

While the shaman list may have that restriction for spell options, nothing I can see in the ability says it has to be a shaman summons or calling. You could dip for it.

Cavall wrote:
While the shaman list may have that restriction for spell options, nothing I can see in the ability says it has to be a shaman summons or calling. You could dip for it.

Just remember, dipping delays your spell progression and can slow your path to GPB.

A spirit guide oracle can get a hex from a shaman spirit, and can cast summon monster spells or planar ally inherently. The outer rifts oracle mystery includes the planar binding spells.

Or OTOH there's a racial FCB (human, half-human, vanara) for shamans which lets them learn spells off the cleric list.

avr wrote:

A spirit guide oracle can get a hex from a shaman spirit, and can cast summon monster spells or planar ally inherently. The outer rifts oracle mystery includes the planar binding spells.

Or OTOH there's a racial FCB (human, half-human, vanara) for shamans which lets them learn spells off the cleric list.

That is right about the FCB, although it has a limit via only allowing spells that are one level below what they can currently cast. That locks them out of Summon Monster IX, but is still good for summoner shamans.

The Outer Rifts mystery also has a revelation, Rift Magic, that adds +4 on CL checks against the SR of outsiders, but only ones that have the Chaotic or Evil subtypes.

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