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Hello Esreemwd Memners of the Forum. I am needing help with a 2e PFS build. I want to make a cloistered cleric of Ragathiel with channel build. I want to be able to both heal and harm. I'm thinking of a half eldlfnas the race. Any help in feat and spell choice would be very much appreciated.

Considering the order STR/DEX/CON/INT/WIS/CHA doing a 10/16/12/10/18/12 will do fine, but if you are willing to take flaws then 8/16/12/8/18/14 gives you one more channel at lvl 1, or if you don't mind having lower AC 14 dex for 16 cha works too.

Cloistered gives you a domain spell, both fire or destruction will do, the first have better range while the second can hit more than one enemy.

You want both heal and harm, so you need the versatile font to use both in the channel and I recommend Cast Down at lvl 6 because it's really good.

Its probably more optimized to take the warpriest but I like playing against type. Would it be worth it to take more tha 1 domain? Is half elf a good racial choice?

Thank you for your insight.

With Ragathiel? No, I would keep one, Fire and destruction are both damage so you only need one of them, Duty I would get in a home game, but not in a PFS one and Zeal is more martial based.

And yes, Half-elf is great, get the best of humans while can take stuff from elves.

You'll be hard pressed already with all the font feats, I had a look some time ago, I think you can slip in one feat for advanced domain but that's it.

As cloistered I would take fire more than destruction (low range on destruction which would be high risk high reward though).

The class feat are pretty straightforward and you have some options at every levels.

With natural ambition you could take either harming or healing hands at lvl 1 though they only add an average of 1 pt per spell lvl, and adapted cantrips might be more interesting.

One important thing to remember is that you can memorize heal and harm in your normal slots as well, and all your feats related to font affect them just as well as your font slots.

In the end I personally dismissed that build as you are funnelling a lot of your build options toward only 2 spells and not sure how interesting that would be in the long term.

That being said once you get to lvl 14 with fast channel and all cast down that build must be sooo satisfying!
(Even better at 20 with free metamagic)

Thank you

I will have to look up natural ambition. Thanks for the recommendations.

That 8sba very nice feat. As a half elf are there any elven feats he should take?

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