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OK, let's say I use the Heal skill to Treat Poison:

Treat Poison
To treat poison means to tend to a single character who has been poisoned and who is going to take more damage from the poison (or suffer some other effect). Every time the poisoned character makes a saving throw against the poison, you make a Heal check. If your Heal check exceeds the DC of the poison, the character receives a +4 competence bonus on his saving throw against the poison.

Action/Time: 1 standard action.

Retry? Varies. Generally speaking, you can’t try a Heal check again without witnessing proof of the original check’s failure.

It takes a standard action to perform, so I assume this must happen on my turn. My question is, does this single standard action provide benefit for the duration of the poison? Or do I have to keep using standard actions every round until the poison is clear? How many Heal checks are performed, and when?

As an example, consider three characters: Spider, Victim, and Doctor. For simplicity, the Spider has a poison with no onset and requires two consecutive saves to cure.

Round 1:
- Spider poisons Victim, and Victim fails the save. Victim is now poisoned.
- Doctor uses Treat Poison (Heal check #1?) and hits the DC,so now the Victim's poison has been treated.
- Victim is up, the (Doctor makes ANOTHER heal check#2? and if it passes the save DC Victim gets +4)

Round 2:
- Spider misses
- Doctor ??? (Does the doctor need to Treat Poison again for Heal check #3 if they want Victim to receive a second +4? Or did the first successful Treat Poison cover the entire duration of the poison?)
- Victim is up, the Doctor performs another Heal check #4 to see if the Victim gets +4 on this save.

In the above example, I'm not sure if Heal check #1 needs to be done, or do you wait until the Victim's turn. I'm not sure if Heal check #3 needs to be done, assuming #1 was necessary and was passed.

I think it's clear that #2 and #4 need to be done, but I could be wrong.

Thanks for all your help.


Spider bites.

Doctor treats poison. If successful vs the DC of the poison then on the turn of the victim the save gets +4. While you would spend the action to treat, it would seem by the wording the ROLL to treat wouldn't be until the players turn.

Additional actions would not be required to continue to treat if the poison requires extra saves such as more durable poisons because it simply says 1 standard action. In other words once you administered medicine adding more doesnt help unless there is a failure (not meeting the DC). In fact I can't even see you needing to spend a standard action if the OTHER person fails. Just keep rolling until you do then you'll have to spend another standard action.

Seems overly complicated and rather silly but by the wording of what you have in the skill that's what you get.

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