Interesting / Flavorful spells for an NPC Ancient Lorekeeper Oracle w / Spirit Guide


So as part of my Kingmaker campaign a band of elves who had been living west of the Greenbelt essentially got driven back to the abandoned elven keep that is mentioned in the AP. The leader of the elves is a venerable Oracle that I imagined as about a level 6/7 Ancient Lorekeeper. For now the elves will sit in the keep and warn the adventurers/baron about any threats from the west but I was thinking of interesting spells or abilities that might be fun to weave in. Don't plan on this guy ever seeing combat but was just thinking of what spells an ancient elven Oracle would have, both in terms of on the Oracle list as well as from the Elven Arcana ability. I plan on him having the Nature Mystery but I also want to add Spirit Guide (the two archetypes should ABSOLUTELY stack since one gives two knowledges and the other gives ALL knowledges and the only difference is a little bit about elves), so any interesting wandering hexes and spirit magic spells would be great to suggest as well.

Contact Entity II seeking Leng Ghouls within 200 miles of the Loremaster, using the skull of some famous scholar as the DF: the elf Oracle seeks the erudite ghouls' knowledge on matters of necromancy

Detect Anxieties/Detect Desire: "what makes you tick, eh; what do you TRULY seek?"

Enter Image: the Oracle speaks to the party from a painting of themselves, Dumbledore style

Guiding Star and Helping Hand: one is a distance finder, the other creates a ghostly hand to guide others to the caster. Both could have cinematic potential

Obscure Object: "now the One Ring shall be hidden from prying eyes while you bear it along your treacherous journey..."

Riversight: another Harry Potter reference, having the sage dunk their face into the water in order to sense events or happenings along the watercourse kind of like Dumbledore's font of memories.

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