Quest 3 PFS 2


Dot in here

Horizon Hunters

Expressing Interest.

Ulfen Ranger / Cleric (Erastil) 3 w/ Horizon Hunters.

Archer w/ Companion.

Depending upon how many people I get, I may delay quest 3, hopefully some will join once I complete 1 and 2.

Horizon Hunters

Fortiva, scoundrel rogue (whom I need to level to 2), would be interested in joining the group.

And yeah, I think the rule about simultaneous PbP games is keeping people focused on the first two.
Seems there was a decent amount of interest in 1 and 2 from the same people... maybe the trio could be run in order?

Anyone who was looking forward to my Quest 3, it will be delayed until after I finish my Quest 1 and 2.
Feel free to post in the Recruitment the character you plan on using, since your character will be free once I start Quest 3.

Envoy's Alliance

Novis would love to dot in here!

This will now Start on May the 4th be with you. If you no longer wish to play, please make a post unsigning up, it lets all the other interested players know how many we have. I will take up to six.
It looks like 3, but I know some of you are signing up for the other Quest 3 game, so I know it is less than that.

Envoy's Alliance

I'm interested but am very new to pbp, if that is ok. 10 year veteran of PFS. I can post a few times every day.

Horizon Hunters

Absolutely interested! Just built this Elf gal. She's a street urchin turned ranger. Yes, two weapon wielding Elf ranger, but absolutely not Drizzt D'urdin!
I'm experienced in PF1 and PbP, but a little newer to PF2.
I check in multiple times a day, so I have no issues posting daily and I rather enjoy adding role play flair to the characters.

The game is up, go ahead and dot in.

Alright, I believe this game is a failure to launch so I'm marking it inactive. It is just bad timing to run this quest 3. Outpost III still on, PaizoCon coming up, economy reopening (so more real life stuff to do), and plenty of games already here on PBP.

Horizon Hunters

Disappointing, but understandable. I'll keep an eye out in case you decide to run something else.

Stop fighting it DG... come back to the Vikings! :)

Uthred son of Uthred wrote:
Stop fighting it DG... come back to the Vikings! :)

Heck no, that show went downhill starting with season 4 part 2. The first three seasons were wonderful and they should have ended it back then or shortened season 4 and ended it.

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