Quest 2 PFS 2


Dot in here

Grand Archive

I would be interested in joining this quest. Human Wizard 1. 5/12 xp

Envoy's Alliance

Expressing Interest.

Monastic Weapons Monk 2 w/ Envoy's Alliance.

Melee / Short Range Striker.

Grand Archive

I guess I should provide a bit more information

Universalist Wizard, Grand Archive

Ranged Magic support.

Dark Archive

Pathfinder Card Game, Lost Omens Subscriber

I've got a level 1 Human Farmer Fighter "Pa" and a fresh Human Elemental Sorcerer (primarily ranged-striker sort of role).

Cross-posted between Quest 1 and 2, so I can only play one in each.

Horizon Hunters

I have a Monk or Bard that are available for hire .... or if you want Cecic Baseborn over here, he could play here and a bard or monk in the other ...

I'm going to open the discussions and gameplay, so people can dot in now please and I can get an accurate count of who is in.

Horizon Hunters

Fortiva, scoundrel rogue (whom I need to level to 2), would be interested in joining the group.

Envoy's Alliance

I just dotted in in tge discussion tab hope thats okay. Otherwise just tell me.

Hello, I would like to know if you have room for a human bard.

Rifflinok, you need to dot in gameplay or dot and delete, so your character shows up in the characters section
Paul, there is still room.

Horizon Hunters

If Paul decides not to join, I would like to take the final spot with a Rogue. Thanks.

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