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Dot in here


I am interested in playing PF2. Is this the correct place?

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Expressing Interest.

Ruffian Rogue 1 with Grand Archive.

Short / Medium Range Striker.

What are these threads for?

This is Pathfinder version 2 PFS. This is the first quest.

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"Hello, fellow Pathfinders. I am Phinick.
I have built my crossbow and can use it to help new friends."

Thank you, Double Gold for running this!
I would be happy to play if there is room for me.
Welcome Dorian 'Grey" to Paizo PbP!

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I've got a level 1 Human Farmer Fighter "Pa" and a fresh Human Elemental Sorcerer (primarily ranged-striker sort of role).

Cross-posted between Quest 1 and 2, so I can only play one in each.

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Is there room for Cecic Baseborn, 1st level lucky sailor & cleric

Thank you. I will stay tuned; as I just started a FoPS game.

I'll take a maximum of 7, a bit OP, but quests are cakewalk anyway, so sure, Cecic can join.
I'm going to open the discussions and gameplay, so people can dot in now please and I can get an accurate count of who is in.

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Fortiva, scoundrel rogue (whom I need to level to 2), would be interested in joining the group.

Question - are you running these three simultaneously?
I'd like to do all three with the one PC, but there are Rules about doing more than one game at a time.

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Note - I was wrong about her need to level. Still 1st. ;)

Hello! Might I inquire if you still have room for a bard in your game?

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Sangel Morris wrote:
Hello! Might I inquire if you still have room for a bard in your game?

Pretty sure if you dot into the gameplay thread, you'll be in the game as there appear only 5 others at the moment.

So where do I post my character sheet info?

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Sangel Morris wrote:
So where do I post my character sheet info?

Go to Account Settings, and look under Organized Play, Button Make Changes. Then Register a New Pathfinder Society (2nd edition) Character. Edit the character and enter the details there.

If you used HeroLab online to help create the character, there you can create some basic character details in BBCode form and copy them into the character.

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Hello all!
@DoubleGold: since Phinick Padley has passed level 3, and might hit level 4 next week, I would remove him from the roster here, and offer to replace him by another Goblin (level 1 Bard).

This character...

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Gonna drop out of this, so you've got an extra seat if you need it.

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