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Big caveat: this is the alignment of the characters *as depicted in the series*. It's entirely possible that Carole Baskin is really a good and upright person who's just trying to save some cats, and that the documentary did a hatchet job on her! It's possible that Joe is a basically decent guy who had a couple of bad mistakes of judgment! The events depicted are generally true, but the characters in the documentary are at least half fictionalized. So, this is about those characters, not the actual people. Okay? So:

Carole Baskin -- Lawful Evil

-- organized, ruthless, efficient
-- at top of a color-coded hierarchy
-- exploited servants are loyal because they share her ideology
-- if a murderer, then planned it well enough to get away with it
-- in the face of great provocation, shows impressive self-control
-- nevertheless, provocation will result in vindictive pursuit of enemy until enemy is destroyed
-- uses legal system to get rich
-- uses legal system to destroy enemies

Doc Antle -- Neutral Evil

-- smooth, snaky, sensual
-- wears black
-- makes entrances riding on a monster
-- exploited servants are loyal because of mind control
-- smirks a lot
-- soul patch
-- shrugs and sits out the whole LE vs. CE conflict
-- carefully avoids interaction with legal system

Joe Exotic

-- flamboyant, loud, erratic
-- extreme outfits and hair
-- blows stuff up
-- screams a lot
-- stuff tends to catch fire when he's around
-- exploited servants are loyal because of his personal charisma
-- no idea when to stop
-- zero self-control
-- is ultimately destroyed by legal system

All of them are high Cha builds who put max ranks into Handle Animal. But Joe dumped Wis hard to get that extra point of Cha, and that's ultimately what brings him down.

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