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The shadowdancer interested me alot but didn't feel “rogue” enough, so i wrote this. Please tell me what you think.

Requirements To qualify to become a shadowdancer, a character must fulfill all the following criteria.
Skills: Stealth 5 ranks, Perform (dance) 5 ranks.
Feats: Dodge, Mobility, Skill Focus (stealth).
Special: Sneak attack +1d6.
Class Skills
The Shadowdancer's class skills are Acrobatics (Dex), Bluff (Cha), Diplomacy (Cha), Disguise (Cha), Escape Artist (Dex), Perception (Wis), Perform (Cha), Sleight of Hand (Dex), and Stealth (Dex).

Skill Points at each Level: 6 + Int modifier.
Hit Die: d8.
Class Features
Base Attack Bonus ¾
Fort bad
Ref good
Will bad

All of the following are features of the shadowdancer prestige class.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency:
Shadowdancers are proficient with the club, crossbow (hand, light, or heavy), dagger (any type), dart, mace, morningstar, quarterstaff, rapier, sap, shortbow (normal and composite), and short sword. Shadowdancers are proficient with light armor but not with shields.

Hide in Plain Sight (Su):
A shadowdancer can use the Stealth skill even while being observed. As long as she is within 10 feet of an area of at least dim light, a shadowdancer can hide herself from view in the open without anything to actually hide behind. She cannot, however, hide in her own shadow but the shadow of a creature at least one size bigger then the shadowdancer counts as dim light for the purposes of this and every other class feature of the shadowdancer.

Sneak Attack (Ex):
This is exactly like the rogue ability of the same name. The extra damage dealt increases by +1d6 at 1st level and every three levels thereafter (4th, 7th, and 10th). If a shadowdancer gets a sneak attack bonus from another source, the bonuses on damage stack.

Dancing Shadow (Ex):
A shadowdancer make perform (dance) checks in place of acrobatics checks.

Evasion (Ex):
At 2nd level, a shadowdancer gains evasion. If exposed to any effect that normally allows her to attempt a Reflex saving throw for half damage, she takes no damage with a successful saving throw. The evasion ability can only be used if the shadowdancer is wearing light armor or no armor.

Darkvision (Ex):
At 2nd level, a shadowdancer gains darkvision out to a range of 60 feet. If she already has darkvision, the range increases by 30 feet.

Uncanny Dodge (Ex):
At 2nd level, a shadowdancer cannot be caught flat-footed, even if the attacker is invisible. He still loses her Dexterity bonus to AC if immobilized. An shadowdancer with this ability can still lose his Dexterity bonus to AC if an opponent successfully uses the feint action against him.

If a shadowdancer already has uncanny dodge from a different class, he automatically gains improved uncanny dodge instead.

Rogue Talent:
At 3rd level, and every three levels thereafter, a shadowdancer gains a special ability that allows her to confound her foes. This functions as the rogue talent class feature and levels of shadowdancer stack with levels of rogue (or ninja) for determining effects. A shadowdancer cannot select an individual talent more than once.

If the shadowdacer has the Ninja Tricks class feature this is treated as that instead. If the shadowdancer`s combined rogue/ninja and shadow dancer levels equal 10 or more she can take Advanced Talents/Master Ticks.

Living Shadow (Su):
At 3rd level, a shadowdancer`s shadow gains life, treating it like an undead shade and can be detached as a move action. Unlike a normal shadow, this shadow's alignment matches that of the shadowdancer, and the creature cannot create spawn. The shadow has an intelligence of 10. The summoned shadow receives a +4 bonus on Will saves made to halve the damage from positive channeled energy and the shadow cannot be turned or commanded. This shadow serves as a companion to the shadowdancer and can communicate intelligibly through a telepathic link with the shadowdancer. This shadow has a number of hit points equal to half the shadowdancer's total. The shadow uses the shadowdancer's base attack bonus and base save bonuses. The shadow gains a dodge bonus to its AC equal to half of your shadowdancer level. The shadow has a number of ranks in stealth and perception equal to the shadowdancers’. If a shadow companion is destroyed, the shadowdancer must attempt a DC 15 Fortitude save. If the saving throw fails, the shadowdancer gains one permanent negative level. A successful saving throw avoids this negative level. A destroyed shadow companion cannot be replaced for 30 days, during which she continues to not cast a shadow and at the end of which the negative level is removed.

If your shadow wanders more than 50 ft/shadowdancer level from you it fades away for an hour. You and your shadow have a rough idea of direction and distance from each other at all times.

You can reattach it back to your body as a full-round action while next to it. While attached to your body it gains fast healing 5 and can still see its surroundings, but only through its darkvision.

See in Darkness (Su):
At 4th level, a shadowdancer can also see in magical darkness. At 7th level, a shadowdancer gains blindsight out to a range of 60 feet against creatures in a shared spot of dim-light/darkness.

Shadow Jump (Su):
At 4th level, a shadowdancer gains the ability to travel between shadows as if by means of a dimension door spell. The limitation is that the magical transport must begin and end in an area with at least some dim light (or darker). A shadowdancer can jump up to a total of 40 feet each day in this way; this may be a single jump of 50 feet or five jumps of 10 feet each. Every two levels higher than 4th, the distance a shadowdancer can jump each day doubles (100 feet at 6th, 200 feet at 8th, and 400 feet at 10th). This amount can be split among many jumps, but each one, no matter how small, counts as a 5-foot increment. At 5th level a shadowdancer can jump to her shadow as a full-round action regardless of lighting conditions.

Retreat to the shadows (Su):
At 5th level when the shadowdancer would be reduced to 0 or fewer hit points by damage in combat, the shadowdancer can attempt to teleport to her shadow to avoid damage. To use this ability, the shadowdancer must attempt a Reflex saving throw (DC = damage dealt). If she succeeds, the shadowdancer appears in the same square as her shadow and is treated as both incorporeal and invisible for the damaging effect and until the start of her next turn, on your next turn you are staggered; if she fails, she takes full damage and remains where she was. She must be aware of the attack and able to react to it in order to execute her teleport; if she is denied her Dexterity bonus to AC, she can’t use this ability.

Improved Uncanny Dodge (Ex):
At 5th level and higher, shadowdancer can no longer be flanked. This defense denies a rogue the ability to sneak attack the assassin by flanking him, unless the attacker has at least four more rogue levels than the target has assassin levels.

If a character already has uncanny dodge from another class, the levels from the classes that grant uncanny dodge stack to determine the minimum rogue level required to flank the character.

Improved Evasion (Ex):
This ability, gained at 10th level, works like evasion (see above). A shadowdancer takes no damage at all on successful saving throws against attacks that allow a Reflex saving throw for half damage. What's more, she takes only half damage even if she fails her saving throw.

Shadow Master (Su):
At 10th level, whenever a shadowdancer is in an area of at least dim light, she gains DR 10/— and a +2 luck bonus on all saving throws. In addition, whenever she successfully scores a critical hit or deals sneak attack damage against a foe who is in an area of at least dim light, that foe is blinded for 1d6 rounds.

Greater Shadow (Su):
At 10th level your shadow gains the create spawn ability and becomes a greater shadow. Shadows created this way share your alignment and lose the create spawn ability. The additional shadows can hide in your greater shadow when it is connected to you. when hiding in this way they gain fast healing 5.

Your shadows have the same range limit as your greater shadow and you can communicate telepathically to them as well.

You can create and control a number of shadows equal to your Cha modifier, if a new shadow would be made when you are at your limit you can choose to destroy an existing one. You can disable/enable the create spawn ability of your greater shadow whenever you want as a free action.

Some of these ideas i took from other peoples shadowdancer fixes and they can be found here. There might have been more but these are the ones I had made note of while writing this.
Shadowdancer fix.
Shadowdancer rogue variant.
Shadowdancer Revision.

Also i want levels of shadowdancer to stack with ninja for calculating ki pool but im not sure were to fit it since im not sure if it makes since to give the shadowdancer their own ki pool

The ability to summon an undead creature always felt weird for a shadow dancer.

Not to stir the ants nest, but if your capstone ability allows you to spawn undead, feels like this class should be restricted to evil.

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