Ascendant Spell: any good?


Silver Crusade

Looking for good spell options to use together with the Ascendant Spell feat, specifically Cleric and Wizard 3rd level spells, or lower. Any notable example? Does the Mythic effect justify the enormous +5 spell level increase? Feel free to list spells from other lists if particularly worthy, but keep the focus on Cleric/Wizard.

Furthermore, as all metamagic feats, the spell's DC is the same as the unmodified one: does the fact that the spell is now Mythic affect in any way saves and SR?

If you're a mythic character then mythic spell knowledge is clearly better. If you're not then mythic material probably isn't available in your game.

If it is possible and you're not mythic the spell perfection feat would be very effective. Even without that a few spells like mythic haste or mythic Gorum's armor might be worth it.

Silver Crusade

Well, the metamagic feat seems to exist specifically for non-Mythic characters, since otherwise they would already be able to cast Mythic spells without the feat.

That being said, other options? Spell Perfection is of course effective, but I am looking more for multiple spells that could be useful in general rather than a single one.

Sure, it's for non-mythic characters; I've just never heard of a game which allowed mythic material but had non-mythic characters. Even the 'anything by Paizo' games I've seen.

Like I said, mythic haste and mythic Gorum's armor are likely worth it. The spells using saves, not so much. I don't think saves or SR are affected.

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Well, the feat does allow you to cast a mythic spell without spending any mythic points which is certainly worth something.

Mythic Magic wrote:
Casting Mythic Spells: If you know the mythic version of a spell, any time you cast the spell, you may expend one use of mythic power to convert the spell into its mythic version as you cast it.

Adding to this spell perfection and anything else that might reduce the metamagic cost and you can now effectively cast say mythic fireball without having to spend any mythic points.

as for specific spells. The following seem notable to me, don't know if they are worth a the +5 level though.

Cure Series - now heals ability damage in addition to increased healing
Command - affects multiple, targets that make their save are staggered instead.
Silence - affects mental communication and can designate yourself to be immune to the silence effect.
Sacred Bond - Range increases to medium, when a healing spell is cast though the bond, the caster also heals an amount equal to the minimum possible by the spell. This means it effectively doubles any spell that heals a fixed amount of damage. Also, the link can be used for healing abilities (eg. lay on hands).

Enlarge Person - Increases the target 2 size categories
Floating Disk - lasts 2 hrs per CL, carries up to 200 lbs per level, the caster can ride the disk which moves at a speed of 30 in any direction and all items on the disk are treated as weightless for purposes of teleport spells.
Hold Portal - the spell now forces a will save on anyone attempting to open the door. A failed save prevents the creature from opening the door using any means for the spell's duration.
Blindness/Deafness - the spell causes both blindness and deafness, the creature saves against each effect separately.
Hideous Laughter - creatures of a different type don't get a bonus on the save. The spell also now causes 1d6 subdual damage each round to the creature. It now takes 2 successful saves to end the spell early, if you only pass 1 save it merely ends the subdual damage effect.
Scorching Ray - the first ray bypasses fire resistance and immunity.
Summon Swarm - The swarm leaves behind a trail of slime as per the grease spell (for 1 round). Creatures entering the greased area are subjected to the swarm's poison or disease effect (if it has one). Creatures falling prone in the grease effect take a -4 penalty to said save.
Web - The webbing includes multiple swarms of spiders (1 swarm per 10 foot square) that damage any creature stuck in the webbing or that pass through the square, the swarms are otherwise immobile.

Not too useful, even with spell perfection (or sacred geometry) you can't apply it to anything above 3rd level, which locks you out of the really interesting stuff, and a lot of other fun stuff relies on augmenting the spells.

Ascendant blink is ok. Become ethereal as a move action, move through solid stuff reliably, then you're blinking again at the end of your turn, or just be material on your own turn so your spells and attacks always work.

There's one trick that could really make it awesome though.
Metamagic gems can exist for non-listed metamagic feats at a simple 1000gp per spell level adjustment, so a 6000gp ascendant diamond would be an awesome bit of loot.

Grab one on your blaster and up your fireball damage dice to d10s.
Grab one at high level and use it for mythic timestop, the whole party gets that extra time so you can buff each other, move into position etc. Or just chill out as the only people free to act on a timeless plane.
Basically you have all the non-augmented options available which is awesome.

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