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I've been wanting to play a Spirit Dancer Medium for a couple years now, and every time I get to building one, I hit a wall where I don't know what feats/traits to take. I want to keep the spirits balanced and not focus on any one too much. Currently, I have my stats as follows and I'd like to not deviate too much from this:

Human (Dual Talent)

I've looked into combat feat paths and none of them are particularly appealing for what they take to invest in. Also, I feel like I either need to stick with an Armored Coat or take up to Arcane Armor Mastery to keep the Archmage viable. I also looked into feats that might have good non-combat utility in a dungeon but I can't find anything that pops out at me as worthwhile. I might just be looking for a good way to keep my martial and caster capabilities balanced. I feel the Guardian, Marshal and Trickster (to a lesser extent) don't need or can't gain as much additional support as the other spirits. Maybe I am just having a hard time sticking with something since I just haven't found an adequate theme to focus on. Anyway, looking for suggestions.

That's quite a bit of intelligence for a Cha-casting gish. Probably more than you need. Also the medium archmage spirit is still a psychic spellcaster for most spells, just rely on those in combat and maybe suck up the 5% or 10% ASF for the rarer occasions you use the extras.

The combat sprit will most often be champion because it's just the best at that. Not investing in feat chains is a false economy. Being able to produce exactly the right spell out of combat is the spirit dancers' best thing, they can't stay dancing long enough for skill use to be a big thing.

Is it possible to use a spirit dancer Medium (2 level) as a dip in melee build?
What is the best way to build such a character?

PhD. Okkam wrote:

Is it possible to use a spirit dancer Medium (2 level) as a dip in melee build?

What is the best way to build such a character?

That looks like it works just fine. You get a solid attack/damage bonus for those two levels when channeling champion (& allies within 30' get +2 damage at the same time) and can use wands of medium spells and once in a while you'll cast a 1st level spell.

I guess it'd work best with a build which isn't dependent on progressing a base class. Either a pile of class dips, or something building to a non-spellcasting prestige class.

And what prestige would you recommend for melee fighter build with spirit dancer dip?
I can not find standing prestige class.

A horizon walker who is looking to go for the dimensional agility feat line is possible. Aiming for mammoth rider is also possible - your mount would share the +2 damage from the champion seance boon. Rose warden is rogue as a prestige class.

Without having some idea about the nature of the game or else about what the player wanted I wouldn't recommend a class, but all those and more are possible.

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