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So I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this, but I wanted to crosscheck because it might just be me applying common sense to it.

"Occultist (Occult Adventures pg. 85): Deal an additional 1/2 point of damage with focus powers."
This is the Half-Orc Favored Class Bonus for Occultist. A simple 1/2 your level bonus to force power damage. hard to compete with elf/half elf but still interesting.
So, this obviously works for stuff like Evocation's ray and aoe (and wall). Those abilities still are pretty rough, but a ltitle more appealing with it. Fleshrot from Necromancy too (although that ability is a real real hard sell)
but how vague does this actually apply?
I assume it doesn't apply to anything not directly calling out damage.. but thought i'd cross check.

So stuff like Necromatic Servent and Soul Bound Puppets. These create things via the focus power. But those creature's damage is not boosted by this right? Because while it is the focus power causing it, it isn't the focus power's damage output-its the created entity's.
Same with Shadow Beast from illusion's summon's

It also would not be added to Legacy Weapon. as its not doing damage itself, you are with the weapon.

Would it add to TK mastery? If so. Would that be adding Per Attack? That focus power gives ou Telekensis. And Violent Thrust attacks 1 per item blastated at 1 or more targets. I.e. Fire my stack of Shuriken, doing d2+10 per shuriken that actually hits. (more so if I legacy Weapon them first I guess). Expensive in terms of Mental Focus and in terms of FCB. but amusing. but if its just +10 for the entire stack of attacks thats less interesting.

So... ultimately, which focus powers would this fit?
Was debating half-orc as a race for a character idea that is (mostly) an occultist. Realized that that FCB feels vague (but common sense can apply)

If the focus power states it does damage, then that damage is increased.

It would not add to Telekinetic Mastery since that is granting you an ability not making a damaging attack.

As to which focus powers are good for that, I don't want to read them all.


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