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The EnWorld article linked by Aaron Shanks in this thread mentioned the RPG Plus app which looks to have been just released earlier this month.

The concept of the app looks super exciting to me as I found myself extremely challenged for any free time on the big screen (especially after my employer introduced some heavy restrictions on what can be accessed/installed at workstations), but the possiblity of gaming in bite-sized chunks on the phone without fiddling with cloud docs or losing paragraphs of unsaved text due to browser timeouts sounds extremely appealing. However, the app seems to be currently still in active development mode as there are some idionsyncrasies and limitations - e.g. the maps seem to be limited to 20x20 squares so I couldn't replicate a Flip-Mat there.

Does anyone share my excitement for a Play-by-App mode? Has anyone on these boards tried to use it yet? Maybe there are some alternatives I don't know about?

Hi, I'm Francesca @AppMinded. Thanks for your supporting post.
As you said the app is still a working in progress but we are constantly trying hard to improve its performance and to add new features.
In the next update, version 1.4, the map should be more stable, faster to load and you will be able to create a bigger grid. Moreover we are going to cap the number of ads for a less disruptive experience.

We are thinking to create a desktop version too. Do you think can be a great complementary tool?

Honestly I think that as a pure desktop VTT you'd be hard pressed to compete with established players and their huge libraries of community content including beautiful hand-drawn maps and sophisticated automation scripts. Being full-featured on mobile is your unique niche and any desktop tools should serve to enhance the mobile experience, not to replace it. That's just my humble opinion though and it doesn't look like there is a huge amount of people lining up to play PF on mobile so far :|

Pc option for the GM at least could be very handy.

Hi, thanks for sharing your opinions. It hard for us decided about that too, we think that both options are right. Keep on sending your feedback or sharing suggestions, it's really useful for us. Thanks

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