Delay action and the good of the game

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Zapp wrote:
Luckily it's not up to you whether criticism against the RAW gets shunted to homebrew.

No one is trying to hide your criticism, no one is trying to silence you. You’re free to post every single complaint about RAW that you have. You know how I know you’re free to do it - because you do it daily.

If it was just a brief critical thread I think they’d be fine. Instead people engage with you and you start critiquing those people and their engagement, then you push back against anyone who didn’t immediately co-sign your premise which in every single case has been a matter of opinion. After the first wave of you correcting posters about how they should reply to your thread more people give you advice on how to do things at your table and you dismiss them because your view is the rule is broken and the entire thread must acknowledge that and approve of your method of fixing the broken rule. After that the mud starts flying, you imply people are in the tank for the game, you complain about your opinion being silenced, you tell people to shut up and go play the game rather than relying to your post.

It’s getting old.

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WatersLethe wrote:
Zapp wrote:
Gorbacz wrote:
If delay was to be removed/adjusted, it would take a revision of the Core Rulebook, which is not going to happen. So, at this point in the development cycle, this is purely housrule/homebrew discussion.

Yeah, no.

Luckily it's not up to you whether criticism against the RAW gets shunted to homebrew.

You seem to be under the impression that the homebrew forum isn't good enough for you.

In this thread you've presupposed that Delay is a problem and ignored posts saying the opposite and began brainstorming modifications to the rules to satisfy your problems with Delay. It was at that point this became a homebrew thread.

I agree. A general discussion about the purpose of Delay belongs here, advice about how to handle Delay-based tactics fall in the Advice subforum, but once Zapp decided that he needs a new rule at his table, he ought to start a new thread in homebrew.

Several of us have homebrew threads, such as Mathmuse's Houserules. When we change the rules to differ from the Core Rulebook and its supplemental official rulebooks, we owe our players the clarity of writing our houserules down. And a good place to polish up those written houserules is the Homebrew and House Rules subforum. That subforum does not have as much discussion as most subforums, since houserules are personal opinions, but the few people who do chime in will help to prevent problems with dropping the Delay rules.

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Porridge wrote:

Just to be clear about what’s being asked for (because I’m genuinely confused). Is there anything being asked for that wasn’t addressed by, say, Phntm888’s thoughtful and comprehensive post here?

My impression was that Phntm888 answered the question. And given their replies, it seems like pretty much everyone agrees with this answer.

Thank you! I had kind of felt like maybe I wasted my time on that post since Zapp hadn’t engaged with it, bit it’s nice others have acknowledge it.

Zapp, I’m more than happy to engage on that post if you are. I’ll keep checking the thread, but likely won’t post otherwise.

EDIT: Spelling and some cleanup to try and convey a non-aggressive tone.

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