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I have been playing around with Herolab Online demo, and I am curious what I would get for a paid version. I get that I could level up my characters, and get access to more books (for a price). What about campaign or encounter tools? Is there anything to let me build monsters?

Also, is there a way to use Herolab Online on multiple machines at the same time?

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When you buy the core book, you get full access to everything in it plus the ability to build encounters and campaigns. If you wanted to have prebuilt monsters from the bestiary you would have to add that to your account.

As far as I know, I think you can only be logged in on one machine at a time.

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You can get encounter tools, not sure exactly what you mean by campaign tools. You can build monsters, but you have to pre-build them or take them out of the bestiary as is.

And each license is single log-in, I don't think there is an option share.

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I think there's been talk of a family license that would allow multiples simultaneous machines, but I haven't been keeping up with that discussion.


Zioalca already answered your questions above, but if you have more Q's you might try posting on the official HeroLab Online forum too: http://forums.wolflair.com/forumdisplay.php?f=95

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You should also feel welcome to reach out to their Support email, every question I've ever had about their products was answered by their team in a direct and helpful manner within a few hours - days later.

The Campaign tools themselves are rolled together with the Campaign Theater system that can help simulate tactical combat, track entire groups of players NPCs, monsters, conditions, damage and a ton of other stuff with the ability to invite Players to the Campaign to see and participate in things as they're updated in real-time. There are still some things I personally want out of the tools that haven't been prioritized yet like being able to transfer gear between characters or hand out XP to the players but have all been announced as things they're already working on.

Like a few said, each Account is limited to 1 device login at a time but if I understand correctly one of the next things on their release-schedule is creating Family Licences that will help enable multiple logins for a family or household.

Thank you everyone.

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