What (core) class / build to go for with a Half-Orc race and these stats?


For this campaign, I'm randomly rolling race and stats, so these can't be changed:

STR: 11
DEX: 9
CON: 17
INT: 10
WIS: 11
CHA: 15

Haven't used the +2 half-orc racial ability bonus, but that can go towards anything. The available build options are anything in core, ultimate, and advanced player's and race guides. With those limits, what class and build options would you choose?

If it matters, they don't need to fulfill a particular role, so it can be anything.

With your high stat being CON and the second highest being CHA that suggests a CHA based casters. My suggestion would be an oracle of life. The blackened curse from blood of angels would be ideal, but that is probably off the table. Use your FCB for extra spells. The extra HP from your CON will help soaking up the damage your take for the party. Also look into the feat ferocious resolve. Being able to operate at negative HP is going to be useful for this build. party.

Kineticists are Con-based, aren't they?

Grand Lodge

Kineticists still need Dex to be able to hit things...Con just increases their damage and DCs.

With this stats, I'd say Sorcerer or Oracle.

Fire Elemental, Draconic, or Abyssal Bloodline Sorcerer are all good options with those stats and book limits...

Fire Elemental plays well with Orc Sorcerer Favored Class Bonus for a powerful nuking Spellcaster.

Abyssal would let you play somewhat melee focused with the boost to strength.

Draconic into Dragon Disciple would be a great way to build up your durability and play well in both melee and at ranged, especially if you pick a Fire based dragon type to pair with your FCB.

Yeah Sorcerer or Oracle.

If possible I'd go "Middle Aged" for -1STR, -1DEX, -1CON, +1INT, +1WIS, +1CHA. This gives you the same modifiers for your physical stats but an aditional +1 modifier for WIS and CHA. You end up with: S10, D8, C16, I11, W12, C18 (if those really are fixed stats then never mind).

Oracle has options for CHA to AC and Reflex-saves, which means your defences are pretty good (high will save and good stats for fort/reflex saves, and a positive AC modifier).

You could also go a caster/support Bard, again because you only really need CHA.

EDIT: I forgot you said Core, so Sorcerer or Bard.

Nah he also said APG so Oracle is still on the table. Too bad Advanced Class Guide isn't on the table because a tanky Skald could also work.

Thanks guys! Went with sorcerer in an effort to be as vanilla as possible, but if the party needs a healer oracle sounds like a great switch. The bloodline's pretty blaster-focused so hopefully he won't be too much of a load. Just need to watch out for that 9 starting AC...

Anything worthwhile y'all can think of to do with his weapon proficiencies? Can't find any good racial alternatives.

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