[SPOILERS] KingTreyIII's Legacy of the Pearl Prerogative (Ruins of Azlant 2e Conversion)

Ruins of Azlant

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Alright, I figured I should start prepping this stuff (since I tend to prep APs a year in advance).

Anyways, hey PF Hivemind! I’m planning on introducing 2e to my home group, so I thought I would convert the Ruins of Azlant AP to 2e, because it seems like a pretty decent one to introduce to players relatively new to the system.

I’m going to use this thread as a document for all of my conversions so that it’s all somewhere accessible and I don’t have my PDFs completely full of notes (and as a backup in case the notes in my phone become FUBAR for some reason). Now, there are a few universal things with this AP specifically that I had to change to make it work with the story. Most significantly:

Because clear spindle aeon stones don’t provide protection against the alghollthus’ mental stuff in 2e, I had to change the name of the main background organization (Spindle Solution) into something that made more sense story-wise. The aeon stone that gave the benefit against mental effects in 2e (and that actually makes sense with the region) is the black pearl aeon stone, so to accommodate for this, the Spindle Solution in my game has been renamed to the Pearl Prerogative (kudos to Adam Daigle for giving me that name randomly in the chat of one of Paizo’s Twitch streams).

From there, it’ll be a lot of figuring things out on a case-by-case basis. I’m hoping to start this AP after the APG comes out so that my players will have more options at their disposal.

Nevertheless, I’m still in school amid this COVID stuff, so stress and business is at a high. Because of that, my posts in this thread will very much be inconsistent and “when I get around to it.” Anyway, I hope that this helps some people out, and I hope that some people will give me assistance when I hit a roadbump.

Happy gaming, all!

Alright, so for any AP like this one, I always start…at the end.

Because of how interconnected this AP is with its antagonist, I figured it would be smart to start with Ochymua’s stats. Because Ochymua uses the symbol of spells like nobody’s business, I figured that would be the hardest to replicate. In doing so, I just redid it as a liberal use of glyph of warding with different spells keyed to it (slow to replicate a symbol of slowing, for example). I’m still figuring out how to replicate the symbol of mirroring using the RAW or if I just have to say “Ochymua can just because.” I also had to get creative with its domination of Rayland and Eliza, and I figured that its dominates would likely get more potent with each casting, so that’s where Insidious Domination came from (since a non-10th level dominate only lasts for a day). I also gave him a nonexistent spell: air breathing, which I’m literally just going to treat as water breathing but in reverse. It’s also important that Ochymua keeps its innate spells (just at a lower DC), because I’m planning on Rayland’s Will save being +12, so he can still feasibly succeed at the DC 41 dominate by rolling a natural 20, which is how it would’ve been in 1e.

Ochymua Level 19
Unique LE Large Aberration Aquatic
Perception: +35
Senses: Darkvision
Languages: Abyssal, Aklo, Alghollthu, Aquan, Azlanti, Draconic, Elven, Thassilonian, Undercommon; tongues; telepathy (300’); Commanding Thoughts
Commanding Thoughts: As long as they are on the same plane, Ochymua can treat any creature affected by a dominate cast by it as if it were in range of its telepathy, and can cast dominate on such creatures regardless of range or line of effect.
Skills: Arcana +35, Athletics +33, Deception +37, Intimidation +34, Lore +37, Occultism +37, Society +35, Stealth +32
Str. +5 Dex. +6 Con. +7 Int. +10 Wis. +6 Cha. +11
Items: Circlet of persuasion, 4th level wand of air breathing
AC: 40
Fort: +31; Ref: +29; Will: +35; +2 status vs magic
HP: 400
Immunities: controlled, electricity, mental; Resistances: cold 20
Auras: Mucous Cloud: DC 39; As a Veiled Master
Speed: 10’, Swim 80’
Melee: Claw (agile, magical, reach 20’) +35 (3d10+14 plus slime)
Fangs (agile, magical, reach 10’, versatile S) +30 (3d8+13 plus slime)
Tentacle (agile, electricity, magical, reach 20’) +30 (8d6 electric plus thoughtlance)
Occult Spontaneous Spells: DC 46; attack +38
10 (1): Time Stop
9 (4): overwhelming presence, synesthesia, unfathomable song, glyph of warding*
8 (4): illusory creature*, maze, paralyze, uncontrollable dance
7 (4): Dominate*, Fly, Spell turning, warp mind
6 (4): Feeblemind*, mislead, slow, true seeing
5 (4): black tentacles, crushing despair, invisibility*, synaptic pulse
4 (4): air breathing, Confusion, dimensional anchor, Spell immunity*
3 (4): fear, haste, resist energy*, Vampiric Touch
2 (4): Dispel Magic*, mirror image, Touch of Idiocy, undetectable alignment
1 (4): phantom pain*, Ray of Enfeeblement, Spider Sting, true strike
Cantrips (10th): daze, detect magic, mage hand, shield, sigil

Occult Innate Spells: DC 41; attack +33
As a Veiled Master.

Special Abilities
Change Shape [[F]]: As a Veiled Master

Consume Memories: DC 41; As a Veiled Master

Delayed Suggestion: As a Veiled Master

Insidious Domination: Ochymua is a master of domination, and its magic grows more potent the longer one has been affected. The following effect is added to any dominate that Ochymua casts:
Critical Failure: if the target was already under the effect of dominate cast by you, increase dominate’s level by 1 for each time the target previously critically failed their save against dominate (maximum 10th level) since they were last unaffected by dominate.

Runemastery: any Spell Ochymua inscribed into a glyph of warding can affect multiple creatures. If the spell would normally affect multiple creatures, it affects creatures in a 30’ radius burst centered on the glyph, up to the maximum number of creatures affected (starting with those closest to the center of the radius).

Signature Spells: all of Ochymua’s spells that are marked with a * are its signature spells, and it can heighten or cast lower level versions of them freely.

Slime: DC 39; As a Veiled Master

Tentacle Flurry [[A]][[A]]: As a Veiled Master

Thoughtlance: DC 39; As a Veiled Master

Crossblooded evolution (air breathing)
Effortless Concentration
Quickened Casting

I’m still trying to figure out how I’m going to go about doing Book 4, because at this point in 2e, PCs don’t really have a good way of getting a swim speed for an extended period of time without being a higher level than when Book 4 occurs.

Alright, completed some stuff for the end of book 1:

Rayland Barkley:
Rayland Barkley Level 5
Unique NG Medium Human Humanoid
Perception: +12
Languages: Common
Skills: Athletics +13, Diplomacy +11, Warfare Lore +13, Survival +10
Str. +5 Dex. +2 Con. +2* Int. +0 Wis. +3 Cha. +2
Items: +1 striking longsword, steel shield (H 5; HP 20; BT 10) with shield spikes, doubling rings, breastplate

AC: 22 (24 with shield raised)
Fort: +13*; Ref: +9; Will: +12;
HP: 65*
Reactions: [[R]] Attack of Opportunity
[[R]] Shield Block plus [[F]] Aggressive Block

Speed: 25’
Melee: longsword (versatile P) +15 (2d8+6 S)
Shield Spikes +15 (2d6+6 P)

Special Abilities
Drained: Cursed by Ochymua’s slime, Rayland suffers from the drained 2 condition and has 10 fewer HP; each modifier marked with a * has taken a -2 status penalty, which is already incorporated into his statistics
[[A]][[A]] Double Slice

Eliza Haniver:
Mastermind (Gamemastery Guide 246)
Longspear (reach) +13 (1d8+6 P)
Drained 2

Talmandor’s Bounty

Welcoming Committee:
Grindylows have the stats of a goblin warrior with obvious changes (swim speed, etc.), and are using spears instead of dogslicers.

Replace the fuath with an electric eel. Omit the part about sneaking back into the colony, because that’s basically unlikely to happen anyways.

4 minor healing potions, 1 everburning torch

Cockroach swarm functions as a centipede swarm that does filth fever instead of poison.
Box is 10 gp.
Wand of shillelagh

Replace “with at least 1 rank” with “that is trained.”

Poor lock (2 DC 15 Thievery). 2 lesser alchemist’s fires and 1 set of swim fins.

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Alright, going partway through made me realize that I’m likely to go back through previous sections to edit, which would make it really difficult to track which is the most recent edit, so I’m instead going to create several google docs to use as living documents for this.

The Lost Outpost

Made a few quick edits to remove some of my ad hoc monster creations due to Bestiary 2 now having both grindylows AND cockroach swarms.

Updated the document up to A9.

Updated the document up to the end of Part 1

Updated the document up to the end of area F.

Updated the document up to the end of area G.

God, thank you for all the work you've put in to this. Ruins is on my shortlist of APs to run after my 1E party finishes up Carrion Crown, and your work is gonna be super helpful. Are you aware of the 2E conversion discord? You might be able to get some assistance in there, as well as general guidance and tips.

Forum thread for it here.

Updated the document to the end of Part 2. Also added a "who's who" at the beginning for the named members of the colony and what NPC stats they have.

Updated the document through to area O.

Updated the document up to the end of Book 1.

Corresponding document for Book 2.

Pathfinder Rulebook Subscriber

Awesome. Ruins of Azlant is also on my groups short list once we finish up Age of Ashes sometime around the end of the year.

Keep up the good work!

Updated the document up to Event 9

Updated the document through to area B.

Updated the document through to area C

Updated the document through area F. I may not update it any more until after the APG drops so that I can get more equipment to put in treasure hoards.

I also updated some QoL stuff in the first document, like saying Jazradan's permanent images are illusory scenes, or correcting Rayland's surname (it's "Arkley"! Why did I think it was "Barkley"?!).

Updated the document through to the end of area H

Updated the document through to the end of Part 2

Updated the document through to the end of Book 2. Document for Book 3

Updated previous documents to account for me forgetting that PCs should encounter a few items that are one level higher than them.

Made some minor adjustments in Book 1; specifically changing the two slurks to three weak slurks and messing around with Brinetooth to make a bit more sense and to be a bit more internally consistent (took away the random +1d8 and just gave her 4 more damage with her spear).

Things have been crazy on my end, but I've been mostly waiting for the Lost Omens Pathfinder Society Guide to come out so that I have more aeon stones to use.

Updated the document through to the end of Part 1, as well as adjusting Thanaldhu's gear to make the investigation portion of Book 3 make a bit more sense.

We got low-level aeon stones!

So with the recent release of the Lost Omens Pathfinder Society Guide, I decided to revisit some of the earlier books. I replaced the random "ioun torch" with a dusty rose prism aeon stone in Pearllock, gave PCs life vests during Land Ho!, added a new shape to the aeon gauntlet and had it slotted with said new shape, reverted the door locks for where the gauntlet is found (can't remember the name off the top of my head) back to how it's written, because now PCs can feasibly get a spindle aeon stone at that level (which I put among the water naga's treasures), and added specifics for purchasing items from the Peregrine. I also did some minor proofreading and rewording of some stuff to get points across better.

I promise I haven't abandoned this! My Tyrant's Grasp group is just coming up near the end-ish of Book 4, so I'll need to actually do this eventually. It's just...college and sudden independent living takes up most of my time...

Updated the document up to right before A1.

This is great work - thanks for sharing it!!

I just did my own conversion and started running this AP for a group of kids. But I like how you handled many of the creatures and treasure better than what I have done (so I'll be revising my conversion). [And I hadn't even gotten to Eliza/Rayland, so I really appreciate the discussion about converting them.]

I'll figure out how to upload my Rev. 0 conversion document later today. You may find parts of it useful.


With a little help (thanks KingTreyIII), here's my Rev. 0 conversion document.

Ruins of Azlant 2E Conversion

(I was walking through the archaeology lab at my work yesterday when I realized that the only artifact the original colonists found during six months of land development was one magic sword. That didn't seem right, so I added an ad hoc archive in one end of the barracks.)


Updated the document through to A3.

Updated the document through to the end of Part 2.

Updated the document through to the end of area B.

This is so great! I'm trying to decide if I should attempt converting my Ruins of Azlant game, as we played through the first book almost a year ago (it's been on hiatus since the beginning of lockdowns). Everyone is eager to start playing 2E, but it will be some extra work for me and one of the players will have to create a new character, because his concept does not translate well to 2E, so I have yet to decide. However, knowing you've been sharing these and I can always fall back on this if I get stuck on something is really helping. Thanks for sharing!

Just a quick reminder to everyone that I don't necessarily keep close track of the treasure I hand out, I mostly just throw some stuff in with kinda minimal regard for wealth by level.

Anyways, Updated the document very minorly while I listened to Band of Bravos. I tried my hand at recreating one of my favorite weird creatures from 1e: the galvo. And I gotta say, I'm actually kinda proud of it.

Updated the document through to C6

Updated the document through C13.

Updated the document through to C17.

To avoid crossing the streams, I've redacted my own Rev. 0 2E conversion notes (above) and will put them in a separate thread, when Rev. 1 is ready.

(Spoiler alert: KingTrey is more well-versed in the mechanics - my Rev. 1 just points to his document for mechanical conversion notes.)


Updated the document through to the end of area C.

Updated the document through to the end of Book 3.

Corresponding document for Book 4.

Went back to the book 3 document and did some minor QoL stuff. Most significantly is that I removed the underwater crossbows as separate items since I noticed this sentence in Aquatic Combat that made them being a separate item completely worthless:

"Ranged attacks that deal bludgeoning or slashing damage automatically miss if the attacker or target is underwater, and piercing ranged attacks made by an underwater creature or against an underwater target have their range increments halved."

Emphasis: mine.

Updated the document very minorly. Created a settlement statblock for Talasantri and made a statblock for a generic mezlan. I'm seriously debating taking away the sneak attack from the mezlan statblock since it's mostly a carryover from 1e, but it also doesn't make the mezlan's damage exceed the extreme value, so maybe not.

Because I was in the mindset and decided "Hey, why not?!" I chose to stat out Xochatli from book 5, sincd I was glancing through that book and I'm excited to read through it from what relatively minimal information I have about it (in case you couldn't tell from my picture being of Auberon the Drowned).

Here's the link for the Book 5 document.

Took another trip to Book 5 to stat out Auberon the Drowned. I might have gave him a bit too many abilities, but I wanted him to use strange geometry, and I don't think it's too bad when the only other thing he's got going for him is his extreme spell DC.

Back to Book 4.

Updated the document through to right before the PCs enter Talasantri.

Updated the document through to the end of Part 1.

KingTreyIII wrote:
Updated the document through to the end of Part 1.

I'm going to run this too, after we finish with Extinction Curse. This thread is supremely helpful!

Went back and did some super minor edits to previous documents for clarity or because I missed something.

Updated the document through to the end of Part 2.

EDIT: Well that was random. The website would not allow me to post in this thread (and only this thread) on my laptop; it kept coming out as if I clicked "Preview" instead of "Submit Post." Had to post from my phone then edit it on my laptop. Super weird.

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