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Is anyone else having trouble receiving their items? I'm trying to buy some PDFs to get started on Pathfinder during lockdown time and while my card is being charged (I've tried about 6 times now and the bank is reversing the charges) I'm not getting the PDFs.

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Chances are that your card is being declined due to failing address verification and what you see on the card are authorizations (pings to the bank to see that you have the requisite funds, but that can’t be finalized due to the failed verification).

Double-check the billing info you supplied and make sure it matches exactly with what the bank has on file. Even things like putting Rd instead of Road (or vice versa) have been known to screw up the verification service that Paizo uses.

If all of that looks correct, call the bank to see if they can offer any other info as to what may be happening there. For example, they may have declined it as a precaution against fraud if you’ve never shopped here before. You can also contact paizo’s customer service using the email address at the bottom of each page or by posting in the customer service forums (their phones are not available right now), but note that there can be a multiple-week delay there as they work through a massive backlog.

See this FAQ entry for more information about authorizations. It talks about physical items rather than PDFs but many of the same things apply to PDF purchases, with exception that Paizo tries to finalize the charge immediately.

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