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This month's SFS and PFS pdfs have not been made available in my downloads. I have the Paizo advantage subscription for both.

I understand any delay in the face of the current crisis. I just wanted to put it to customer services attention to be resolved when time is made available. No rush, and please keep yourselves safe!

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I have had this same issue with my PFS pdf subscriptions. do yours show up as cancelled as well in your orders?

When I view my PFS subscription, it shows February's scenarios as the most recent product and April's scenarios as the next product. Are this month's just missing from the subscription?

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My own experience over the last 2 month (subscriber)

February subscriptions got delayed through some technical issues. They got eventually shipped when they started physical subscriptions 6th/7th of March.

March subscription
PFS VA's seem to have got their scenarios around the 25th (they also got theirs in time February). I got myself a pre-order confirmation on the 25th with a personal (?) note that delivery should be next day by lunch time.

I added a (?) above as I couldn't verify if that would have gone to everyone or not. It is possible that I jumped the queue as I had a pending cancellation after the late February delivery. I have a Thursday evening game slot which seems to fit perfectly for the Wednesday publication time. So I rather pay the extra $2 as to wait 24 hours longer as this jeopardizes my weekly game slot planning.

You should not be concerned if February is your last product and April is your next. This happened both times (February and March) to me and in both cases I got my scenarios eventually.

So if it isn't urgent - just wait. They will arrive eventually. This happened now twice to me. At least wait until shipping for books start in early April.

No - you can't buy the items in the meantime - this will produce nasty errors when you add them to your cart. I would also advice not to buy it for an alternate account as you will get them eventually.

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Hey guys!

Thanks for being patient during these weird times. WayfinderJay, sadflk2011, and RexAliquid, I've fixed up all of your subs, and I've caught y'all up on their subs you missed. Your subscriptions will ship in April as normal.

Thanks so much Thod for the info!

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