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I am attempting to order a Lost Omens Subscription starting with the May release since I already own Gods and Magic. I go through the checkout as normal, but when I get to the last step to "Place your order", it displays Order 10448138 which is where I started the Pathfinder Adventure subscription with Fall of Plaguestone.

I've received Fall of Plaguestone already and don't wish to order a second copy, but I have not found a way to remove it from the cart and the cart won't allow me to finish the order for Pathfinder Lost Omens.

Please help me, you are my only hope.

Thank you!

Paizo Employee Customer Service Representative

Hi Xillion!

I'm so sorry that our website isn't cooperating with you at the moment! If you add the subscription to your cart, then let us know (via email, if you don't mind), and we can make sure it goes through for you with May's release.

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