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Which version of Zevgavizeb is correct? The domains and spells granted are different in the Lands of Long Shadows backmatter article than in Gods and Magic, although the domains are included within the alternate domains. However, the bonus spells are completely different.
There are differences in the Edicts and Anathema, but these seem mostly clarifications rather than changes.

I would assume that every servant of big Z is already statted out with the divine powers that particular creature got from him. Meaning these monsters might even have abilities not listed in either source. And that's okay.

If you're talking about the potential for a player character to somehow have Zevgavizeb as patron, I would use Gods & Magic assuming you're not running Extinction Curse.

(Because if you are, I would advise you not to allow a player to be aligned with Zevgavizeb at all!)

More generally, I don't see why one version must be right and the other wrong. Just chalk it up to splinter faiths and the chaotic nature of some deities and problem goes away :)

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I suspect you're seeing some parallel design at work here, since both of these were likely among the many things that we all had going at the same time.

Either works for your table, but going forward, the Gods and Magic version is going to be the norm. (You can certainly explain the Extinction Curse version as being specific types of rules and benefits for the worshipers in that campaign though.)

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