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So, I had an interesting event occur, and I decided to roll with it. When one of my players went through the joust and was up against Lady Mona Sittas, they got a critical hit, and rolled their max damage, killing her instantly.

What I'm curious for is any thoughts or ideas people have for recommended backgrounds for tying her into to either make her stand out as heroic, or crueler side.

As well, should I consider somehow her living, or go with my initial gut response of the crowd that was bribed to come watch the games cheering for the death of the noble?

Juicy. As I recall, Lady Sittas is pure background, so there's no precedent holding you back. She does not come from not a major noble family named in any other Paizo publications. Just a generic Noble Scion. I'd recommend using her death to point to something that the players have missed, or to foreshadow coming events (preferably in Book 2). Invent her place being from the lands of either Lotheed, Telus, Crabbe, Voinum, or Okerra to add some depth to their interactions with the next-up noble. You can make your players regard their major neighbors in interesting ways depending on the noble's reaction. For instance: was she the last remaining noble to hold sway in the Telus barony? Maybe the bandit attacks get worse and Baronet Vort bemoans her loss. Was she a lazy troublemaker in the Voinum barony? Maybe her grace the legate is extra gruff and seems mildly pleased in her veiled way. Maybe a friend of Sepsinia Crabbe? Amp up that tragedy

I think the intent of the tournament is to have nonlethal damage only, but (rules?) 31 nonlethal damage from a mounted lance charge might be enough for the poor Lady. But if you don't want to create a new thread for them to follow in this sandbox, she should be alive.

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