[Spheres of Power] Weather Sphere Underwater?

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One of my players is creating a druid using Spheres of Power, and one of the upcoming areas is on the Plane of Water. They want to play a support/utility caster, and to that end they've been talking about using the weather sphere, but unfortunately there are no rules for using the weather sphere or even control weather underwater.

How have y'all ruled using weather control effects underwater? Do I just allow the sphere effects as written, or should I create new effects due to the new environment? Should I encourage them to go into the nature sphere instead? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I generally houserule special effects based on the weather category type used.

Precipitation: Increasing the Precipitation severity desalinates the water (which nauseates salt-water fish, and sickens freshwater fish).

Aridity: Increasing the Aridity severity salinates the water (which nauseates freshwater fish, and sickens salt-water fish).

Wind: Creates temporary currents, that require swim checks vs the sphere DC to navigate in.

Cold: Works normally

Heat: Works normally

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