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I will be using this board to post the parties adventures and misadventures within the town of Carrion Hill, Our party had recently completed Fall of Plaguestone and the Hell's Rebels Adventure path,
**Spoilers will be in this, this is your warning**

The notes for that game can be found here, (I played the Inquitor)

So Far the party Consist of
A Halfling Gunslinger4/Hunter1 Raised my ratfolk and riding a Dire rat.

A Ratfolk Cavalier5 Raised by Halflings and mounted on a cat.

A Human Strangler Brawler who really likes strangling.

A Nagajj Ninja with a Turtle Shell Backpack

And what I believe is a Spiritualist as he described his character as a Ghost with a Ghost.

If anybody has played this module any advice would be helpful, as it's been a while since I GM'd 1st edition Pathfinder. Mostly GMing Starfinder and 2e

First Session tonight went well, the Party is liking the Atmosphere and liked trying to figure out what the hell was actually going on in this town,

Since the module starts at level 5 we decided that the party all knew eachother because they are all members of the Aspis Consortium as our "Heroes" are mostly in it for the money and the Aspis would love to get there hands on all the Dark Tapestry books.

The Party recieved the mission from the Mayor and went well, He paid them a 3rd of the Gold in advance because the last time he paid in full the Pathfinder Society members ran off and didn't do the job.

When they made there way to The Slippers Market and were actually kind of frightened OOC because of what the Spawn could do to the Crows and what it did to Marshans house, wondering if they could actually defeat this thing. I described Tarrig as kind as the Drunkard in the area, the party did not investigate his home and find his hidden stash of flayleaf.

They made there way down into the Dungeon, and it made me realize the strength test to open the door to the dark creepers is extremely difficult as a DC24 strength check where most Characters will only have a +4 strength, they got to the dark creepers and where able to get information out of them as they were afraid of them quickly slamming through the door, I had the creepers initiate combat after the conversation. The Druid who I wrongly called a Spiritualist, used there animal companion and stomped the encounter before the Strangler could get to use any of his special grapple abilities, the gunslinger was fairly ineffective out of his range increment without precise shot, I am hoping the Zombie encounter in the Vathouse make them all feel like bad asses.
The Verresh encounter went quickly as he went about his spheal about wanting the party's equipment and would leave having 2 followers of Pharasma that deal was not taken and he was charged at mid monologue, gave the party a surprise round, Gunslinger shot and hit, the Druid had its companion move to it and power attack, the Cavilier charged with his lance, the Strangler was able to grapple it after the Ghoul missed and pinned it on his turn, and the Slayer was able to get up to him and pretty much finish it off with his strike. physically unable to get out of a pin Verresh begged for his unlife and was promptly denied, they found The book and all the other information but them being Aspis thugs were not trained in linguistics and would not be able to get the information contained.

They returned to the Mayor got paid and offered them 6k gold to stop the creature.

I think they are going to go to the Vathouse next week, and I think that I should add a few more mooks to the encounters for a 5 person party adjustment.

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