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I'm going to be starting an online game for my RL group because we aren't getting together for awhile due to the Pandemic. I am looking for suggestions, plot ideas or modules/PFS scenarios that would fit. My 3 basic ideas are;
A) Resistance fighters fighting an oppressive regime in a frontier environment. Serious
B) A group of half-siblings all looking for there bard/reincarnation druid father. Funny
C) just run random modules/scenarios.

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Plot ideas:
The right hand of THE crime boss has been captured and turned evidence to the state. A corrupt guard killed him in his cell, but a message jug (Warded against teleportation and scrying, so it must be walked out), was captured with everything he said. The local authorities are compromised, so the local lord has the trusted party deliver the jug to the King and his authority.
The crime lord wants the jug destroyed, lesser lords want the jug captured for the blackmail material in it. Some guards will be on the payroll of one or the other side, and some will be loyal to the King. The party must pass 1 Town, through the capital city, and to the castle beyond. It will take 2-4 days journey. ideally below level 7 for the party.

In the sandbar shallows is a great ship graveyard, long since picked apart by scavengers and left to rot. Almost 200 ships are precariously crammed atop one another, then one night another ship joins the pile, and mysterious lights and voices are heard in the darkest moonless nights. The locals are scared, the fish have left and the animals refuse to come out of their pens. The local guards who went to investigate never returned, now it is the party's tun to investigate.

Something is taking the poor from the city streets, the guards do not care, but a local priestess does and has hired the party to help the poor. And just in time, for a local lord's child has also gone missing and the priestess believes they are taken in to the sewers, but the guards don't believe her on this. Low level adventure; crawling hands, zombies, exoskeleton cockroaches, rats, and a low level dhampir necromancer with a pair of templated skeleton champions (1 archer, 1 swordsman).

Party is tasked with guarding a dig site. One night a valuable artifact is stolen, then the next night another. An investigation reveals no one in camp stole them. On the third night a sickness begins to spread (Minor curse). The party is tasked with searching when a thief is spotted stealing another artifact, it is a stealthy Orc with longstrider potions. Orcs and their evil witch are divided on how to defend their holy site (being ravaged by the wealthy archaeologist leader who had previously hired mercenaries to remove them from the site so he could loot it). Some of the Orcs just want peace, some want war.

I've never played an online game. Is there a major difference between running an adventure online versus in person? I think one of the challenges would likely be visuals, so maybe choose an adventure that's already digital so it's easy to share.

You could pick a PFS Season from PF1e and run that, or even just a few modules from the season. Dragon's Demand is a good, short campaign (only has material through level 7) so you could grind through that.

For more of a sandbox, I can't recommend the megadungeon stuff from Frog God Games, specifically The Lost City of Barakus and Rappan Athuk. I've never played the other ones like Sword of Air or Slumbering Tsar, but I'm sure they're good.

If you don't like any of those, what kind of ideas were you thinking? I see your suggestions above, are you looking for advice on fleshing those out or do you want adventure/campaign ideas from scratch?

A Seafaring adventure. The players can be pirates raiding a noble envoy vessel or privateers putting down pirates... either way, their successful boarding action provides them special loot in the form of a map. It's contents allude to a mysterious island and directions to a buried treasure. They must first "find" this missing island and then survive the perils within. (Dinosaurs, cannibals, giant insects, cyclops, whatever you like)

A Primal adventure. No magic, no equipment. Everyone is basically a caveman using primitive materials and weaponry. Think ARK but no technology or griefers. Animal skins(leather/hide), bone, stone, wood and obsidian are the primary resources for crafting. They must fight to get clean water or suffer diseases, clean wounds to avoid infection, craft shelters to sleep safely, etc.

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