Druid Archtype like 5e Circle of the Moon / Stars?


A friend and I wanted to create a character concept of twin Firbolg druids, one of the Moon and the other of the Stars, that we both wanted to play in a 5e game, but ended up deciding that the idea would fit better in Pathfinder. However, skinning aside for the constellation looks and the likes, finding an archetype that fits is getting complex. Any suggestion for types that would give a similar feel? Neither of us is inherently bothered with a build that isn't mechanically advantageous if it fits the concept.

If you describe what your are looking for those of us who don't know 5e might be able to help.

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Firstly, Circle of the Moon sounds pretty easy to do. They seem to be a Wildshape focused Druid so ignore archetypes for this one and go regular Druid. As far as your flavor, most of that for this character will come from feats.

Powerful Shape- treated as if your form was 1 size bigger for certain combat bonuses
Planar Shape- Give you DR, energy resistance and smite while Wildshaped
Shaping Focus- gives you 4 additional Druid levels for Wildshape if you wanna multiclass into Barbarian or something
Quicken Shape- transform faster
Energized Wild Shape- choose an energy type when you Wildshape and gain Resist 10(increase by 5 if the form already has that resistance) and add 1d6 of that energy to all natural attacks(increase die by 1 size category if the form already has energy damage on it's attacks).
Mutated Shape- gain an additional natural attack when you Wildshape
Natural Spell- you can cast spells while in Wildshape form

Those combined with some generic yet useful combat feats like Power Attack can help make you quite the monster in melee, especially if you add Rage.

Next, Circle of the Stars...
This one is much harder to emulate in Pathfinder since a lot of the abilities they have are quite unique. There are a few archetypes that might add some cool abilities that can substitute for that. My biggest suggestion (this will require GM approval) is to take the Stars subdomain of the Void domain for your Nature Bond. This will add some cool spells and domain powers that will make this Druid unique indeed. I'm assuming this character will be more of a caster so maximizing Wisdom will be paramount (bonus spells). Additionally, if you dont care to go down the feat path of Metamagics, you could be the "pokemon master" Druid. Here are some feats for Druid summoning. Ferocious Summons will require GM approval if you're not playing an Orc/Half-Orc.

Ferocious Summons(Orc)- gives your summons Ferocity. They disappear when they die instead of at 0 HP
Augment Summoning- +4 Strength and +4 Constitution to summoned creatures.
Starlight Summons- creatures gain Blind-Fight, +5 to Perception and Stealth in dim light or darkness, natural attacks treated as Cold Iron
Moonlight Summons- shed light as the light spell, immune to confusion and sleep effects, natural attacks treated as Silver
Sunlight Summons- shed light as the light spell, immune to blinding and dazzling effects, natural attacks are treated as Magic
Superior Summoning- add 1 to the total summons whenever you summon more than 1 creature
Versatile Summon Nature's Ally- whenever you summon more than 1 creature with a casting you can grant them 1 of the 4 elemental templates(Fiery, Aqueous, Aerial and Chthonic) or the Primordial template instead of the bonus from Augment Summoning
Nimble Natural Summons- summoned creatures can move through undergrowth at normal speed

I hope that helps!

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