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GM and I are having issue on how to handle a grappled/grabbed PC as a willing target for Resilient Sphere.

Does the spell end the grapple and/or prevent subsequent attacks or abilities that rely on the grappled condition? Or, if the grappled condition remains, does the grappling enemy have to chew through the sphere?

Can a sphere'd PC be swallowed?

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Based on the spell having a size limit, and how various wall spells work, I'd say that if both creatures fit in the bubble than they both wind up on the bubble. If one is large or bigger, they would be blocking the needed room to cast the spell on a smaller creature they are grappling.

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No rule that directly addresses this comes to mind, but if I was going to make a table ruling based off of the rules that I know are there, it might go something like this:

The Grabbed condition also imparts the immobilized condition, which has some text about how it interacts with other abilities that would move the immobilized creature.



You can’t use any action with the move trait. If you’re immobilized by something holding you in place and an external force would move you out of your space, the force must succeed at a check against either the DC of the effect holding you in place or the relevant defense (usually Fortitude DC) of the monster holding you in place.

Resilient Sphere does not attempt to move the creature, so this does not apply directly, but it works well as a universal framework for opposing forces. So I would use the caster's Spell Check against the monster's fortitude DC. On a success, the monster is pushed out of the closing sphere, and the grabbed condition ends. On a fail, the sphere isn't able to fully close and push out the grabbing appendage, and the grab continues.

I like Hammerjack's method, though I would add explicitly that on a failure the spell explicitly fails to take place. His description leaves room that it could form around the appendage of the monster grabbing you, though I don't think that was what Hammerjack intended or meant.

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That was actually what I intended, so that the spell wouldn't be entirely negated, and if the creature was still trying to attack with other limbs, it would need to get through the sphere as normal. I think that negating the spell entirely would be a bit too much, and not a fair ruling to the players.

To be clear, though, I am not saying an Imperfect Sphere is a RAW result. I am presenting it as what I think would be a fair ruling in line with other mechanics (similar to a spell that failed to move an immobilized creature not having any other effects negated).

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