Powerful Quickened Casting combos for a Bard


What are some powerful ways to use Quickened Casting for a Bard? This feat is good for once a day basically saving it for that Boss or an overwhelming horde of monsters. I figure a Fear followed by a Synesthesia (the Fear is simply just to help the Synesthesia land) is a good start vs a Boss. What are combinations to people like for QC?

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If you are going to spend the Quickened, use Phantasmal Killet instead of Fear for some damage as well, unless the fight have mooks as well then fear 3 might be better.

I would say Synesthesia + Something that target reflex or AC but the Occult list don't really have those, so for Occult it will most likely be debuff + debuff.

Nice, vs a horde of enemies would Fear 3 + Crushing Despair or Black Tentacles work well (assuming your positioned properly)?

If doing it as part of a Quickened Casting combo, I'd would advise going Crushing Despair, as you would not be able to use Black Tentacles along side Fear.

Action Math {Not as much action as it sounds}=

Fear LV3 {1 Action including reduction from QC} + Crushing Despair LV5 {2 Actions} = 3 out of 3 of your actions

Fear LV3 {1 Action including reduction from QC} + Black Tentacles LV5 {3 Actions} = 4 out of 3 of your actions

Even with Quickened Casting, you would not have enough actions per turn to cast both Fear and Black Tentacles.

Right forgot it took 3 actions, thank you. Besides that do you have any cool combos?

Well, if its going to be a long fight, and you have a character playing support/making sure everyone stays alive, combining Invisibility and Sanctuary in one go can be pretty good.

Anything targeting them with an attack with need to= 1) Make the save against Sanctuary then 2) Make the flat DC 11 for the target being 'Hidden' and then 3) generally need to roll to overcome the AC. Your buffer/healer will become the '{Nearly} Unhitable Man' meaning they can concentrate keeping everyone else empowered, and alive, without having to worry about there own safety as much, which can increase your odds of surviving and winning in the long run.

Even against AOE, its still useful, as 'Sanctuary' can protect even those not under its effect, as long as the person whom is affected is within the area {a failed save means they waste the action}. Invisibility on top of it can make it difficult for someone to try and avoid including the Sanctuary creature in it, depending on 'Stealth' of course.

I may think of some more later {i have not really played with it to much}. Just one thing to keep in mind, while generally Quickened Casting power comes from the ability to cast two spells in a round, this is born from its true advantage of saving you an action from casting. This means there may be combinations with a QC spell and non-spell actions on top of other two-spell combinations.

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