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We are looking for a few more players for an offline homebrew campaign set in a long developed world. We are playing at the Game Matrix, a game store in Lakewood, WA @ 8610, South Tacoma Way, 98499.

As we are now moving to Pathfinder 2e, this is the perfect time for some new players to jump in. We will be starting things off with a session 0 sometime in March, and playing every other Saturday at 6pm PST thereafter. We will be starting at level 1. This is a homebrew world with several different character options, including several homebrew ancestries and the like. All of this will be presented on our World Anvil once I get it all ready. Character creation will happen at the Session 0.

You are performers in a travelling circus! You travel from town to town all across the desert region of Almahna and give shows for the admiring public. You believe in bringing joy and happiness to those who have none. In bringing smiles to the faces of all in Almahna. Your circus was founded by your good, dear friend, Thorin Goodbeard (coincidence? We don't believe in those!) 3 years ago in the wake of pending civil war at the heart of Calrune. He thought, there had to be a better way than to resort to violence, and so he got you all together and you held your first circus act right there! And indeed, you like to think you helped avert a war.

Now you've been travelling across Almahna, going from town to town, spreading joy and happiness everywhere you go. Your act includes a twist never before seen: each performer has a monster pet who plays a part in your tricks. It could be a giant scorpion creature, known as a Scorpio. Or even a fiery lion known as a Blynx. Or mayhap you dare train the ever dangerous and highly aggressive Dragron! But as your circus arrives in the town of Rakshar, just as you are getting ready for your first show, tragedy strikes! Your dearest friend, Thorin, is found dead! But crowds are already gathering in the big tent. Whatever do you do?!

At this time, Crystal Dawn, the new founder and leader of the Wayfinder Society, and her charge, the ever rambunctious, flower loving, and curious child, Kuai Treewatcher, arrive at the circus. Crystal thought it would be nice to take a break from the hustle and bustle of running the Wayfinder Society to bring the rambunctious girl to the circus. And she's already lost sight of the girl, and she needs help finding her before she gets herself into your usual trouble.

What do you do? You have the murder of your dearest friend to investigate, and now a lost child to find, and on top of it all, the show must go on!

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