How to find / order the Chinese language edition?

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I see the posts from years ago that Pathfinder was licensed out to a Chinese publishing company called Guokr to do a Chinese language edition (Mandarin, I assume). I have a friend in mainland China who is interested and currently trapped indoors because of the virus scare. I went to look for the Chinese edition of Pathfinder online and cannot, for the life of me, find it. is not a book publishing website, and if they have a book publishing branch, I cannot find it. I've searched the Taobao and the Amazon China sites and can find English language Pathfinder but can't find a Chinese language Pathfinder (of course, I don't even know what they would have translated the word "Pathfinder" into as a literal translation doesn't mean the same thing as it does in English).

Can anybody help me out? Did this Guokr company ever actually produce a Chinese language edition? Does anyone know how to find it online? Either for ordering or just information on it with cover photos?


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