Starfinder Backpack - Worn Magic Item or Not?

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Does the Starfinder Backpack count as one of the two "worn" magic items you're limited to?

Magic Items
Worn magic items are things like rings, cloaks, amulets, and can only wear up to two magic items at once and have both function normally...This limitation applies specifically to worn magic items, and does not apply to armor upgrades, held items, weapon fusions, augmentations, magic armor, consumables, or other forms of magic, all of which function normally.

Can see it argued either way but at moment, leaning towards does not count as one of the two.

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The first bold section is examples of things you wear. There is no suggestion that it is an exhaustive list.

A backpack is a thing you wear.

I don't see any solid argument against the backpack being a worn magic item.

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Yes, it is worn.

Except for the Core Rulebook every book that includes magic items indicates whether or not they count as worn items. Look at the description of the backpack on page 116 of the Armory. The item header is STARFINDER BACKPACK (WORN).

I think they realized the potential for arguing over items too late for the CRB. Hopefully they fix it in the next CRB printing.

Thanks Belafon -

It does say STARFINDER BACKPACK (WORN) in the armory. Had to go double check that as the web searches for Starfinder Backpack do not show the (Worn) status.

PS. I do have the books, it's just easier doing the web searches as everything is in one place.

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