Injection Sniper (that damages), think they will?

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So I'm just curious do folks think that they'll introduce an injection sniper-that isn't the wraith sting?

I have a hard time seeing much of a use for WRaith Sting. about the best I can see is using it with Tranq Dart for unnoticed KOing the guard in the tower or something. Or, maze cored and filled with a Healing Serum for an emergency long distance shot.

I was tempted to pick up a sniper rifle--because I don't like multishots per round and I like the extra oomph/ability. But I'd lose out ont too much really.

While I know you can totally put a Scope on a Needler Long Arm and result with pretty long range. It isn't sniper long range. While it never comes up-I like having that really yakno?

So... Do folks think they'll introduce a injection damaging sniper rifle in the future? It feels like useful design space to me. Unique at least.

I'd love if they introduce Bolt Action injection snipers. like 5 shots, bolt action. Really sing to the aesthetic for "tranq rifles".

So... do folks think it would be neat? Would you ever use one? Or do ya'll prefer the multi attacks a round? Something about the once/round is truly satisfying for me-and probably a few other folks too.

I suppose on a random extra note. What sort of damage die or range would you think that would lean towards? Projectile or energy based?
What would you like to see in one?

Just put a scope on a long arm and you're set.

Yep I am aware of that one. Not quite the same wheelhouse on aesthetics. but I'll take that for a vote on "probably won't and probably isn't something they'd want to introduce"

I do hope they do though, while Sniping is very rare in game. I do feel like it would allow nicely for a very specific sort of character concepts for most classes. Biohacker is just one that relies heavily on a specific type.

Vigilant Seal

I certainly hope that they will. Even if it's a step or two behind standard sniper weapons in terms of damage.

I've been looking and hoping, but no such luck as of yet.

I don't think it'll be that much behind the damage. It'll still have to be slightly higher than the established Long Arms. As most snipers tend to be.
...or they might add some neat property to it. Penetrating would make for a compelling needler style in exchange for less damage.

I wonder what other properties would be good for it

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