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Hi everyone,

Really glad there's an actual play forum now. If you've not listened to us before then I wanted to introduce The Danger Club Podcast to you.

We're a UK based weekly actual play show with 6 voice actors sitting in a studio in an old Georgian mansion in East London, playing Pathfinder. We started in PF1 and converted the campaign to PF2 last summer.

Rather than playing a single AP we're playing modules and tying them together to form one epic story, the idea is to have a show that feels like the campaigns you play at home. So far we've done Murder's Mark, Godsmouth Heresy, Fall of Plaguestone and we're just rounding off Masks of the Living God. We also do some one shots, interviews and early plays of new content (new ancestries etc).

We have high quality sound and full SFX and music for every ep. We also once fought the Kaer Maga postal service. New 1hr eps drop every Monday on iTunes, Google, Spotify, Youtube and everywhere else you might care to look for podcasts.

Here's our trailer if you want a sample: Danger Club Trailer.

We'd love to have you all along! :)

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