Trap set up weapons? Any thoughts?

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So. I'm wondering if anyone has any cool trap set up ideas? In general, mainly because I've been watchin World Trigger again I've wanted to look up stuff like that.

On reddit someone pointed out to me, Storm Caller + Continious fusion .This lets me set up a "line" effect at a distance, albiet only for a round but still thats pretty neat! It would be pretty great for a "hold the line against Zerglings" style moment. (also mentioned Cathod Cannon for a Big Line-albiet at the cost of placement)

Mine Layer is of course also a thing, But also really ahrd to use IMO-due to the low duration, expensive ammo for it, and the that when it does detonate it'll be mainly single target (due to movement stuff). Still pretty awesome in the few moments you want it though.

Does anyone else have some cool set up weapon ideas like these?

I would love if Paizo set up a Hold the Line book or a Stealth Ambush style booklet. That had weapons along these lines.
Taking from world trigger again-just because its on my brain.
The Spider-Lines, setting up an area that requires slow movement vs damage.
Meteora bombs--allowing you to quick place exploves via energy. (Effectively minelayer-but the ammo is energy based).

Stuff like that would be neat. And while I would prefer they not be heavy weapons.. in fact i'd rather they be relatively light, that is pr obably fairly unlikely.. which is a shame. I'd love for them on certain kinds of charaters. my biohacker being one of them. Would love if he could set up areas, since his damage isn't as high as others. Might snag him heavy weapons or powered armour at some point for "a few moments" maybe. Could maybe maze core an injection long arm.. (even if I prefer small arms visually)

You can buy grenades as remote detonated explosives.

But currently, setting traps is unsupported by adventure writing, and an iffy combat option. The PCs are almost always on offense, where trap setting is much harder to do.

Extremely true.
Most of the trap related things I"ve had were in "defend this room from the hoard we just woke up" sorta of deals.
Or starship troopers style "hold the compound until our airship remote drone gets to us from the atmosphere. Guard the mechanic driving it!" stuff.

You know, it probably wouldn't be too much work to stat up some kind of sentry gun. Maybe Perception on a scale based on the model, perhaps even options for blindsense or other alternative 'visions.'

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Tier 1 computer
I Range computer upgrade
Complex Control module
Basic enercycle (or Goblin junkcycle, though it's very frail)
1 detonator
5 frag grenades or 4 frag grenades + 1 smoke grenade

Pilot, from a distance, your vehicle into the group of enemies, detonate the grenades (the most damage the vehicle takes from each grenade is 1), turn it back around to you.

Well. Now I'm gonna have to look all that up now. Haha.

Zwordsman wrote:

Well. Now I'm gonna have to look all that up now. Haha.

There is also the possibility of computer controlled turrets baked into the CRB, but they're expensive and have low attack rolls.

Garretmander wrote:
There is also the possibility of computer controlled turrets baked into the CRB, but they're expensive and have low attack rolls.

An extra Complex Control module and you can even put a weapon on the same vehicle.

And you can control the weapon by yourself, improving the attack roll - but that's not much of an automated turret then.

"When operating a device that requires a skill check or attack roll (such as a computer hooked to a med-bed or weapon), the controlling computer can either allow a creature with authorized access to attempt a skill check or attack roll, or attempt the skill check or attack roll itself. When making its own check, the computer is assumed to have an attack bonus equal to its tier, proficiency with any weapon it controls, and a total skill bonus equal to 2-1/2 × its tier. Such controlled objects are normally mounted to a specific location (such as a controlled longarm placed in a turret with line of sight to the computer’s terminal), in which case the mount and related components are included in the control unit price."

Huh. That's pretty shiny. Now I want a turret filled vehicle. You just type in coordinates and heavy weapon blasts rain

Works alright if you use heavy weapons with the Explode special property, since the AC is always 5 - though the reflex save will probably have a low DC.

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