Underground Chemist Rogue and Advanced Talents

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The underground chemist archetype for rogues gets this :

Discovery (Su): At 10th level, an underground chemist can select one of the following alchemist discoveries (Advanced Player’s Guide 28) in place of a rogue talent: concentrate poison, dilution, enhance potion, extend potion, mummificationUM, nauseating fleshUC, poison conversionUC, preserve organsUM, spontaneous healingUM, or sticky poison. She uses her rogue level as her alchemist level for determining the effects of her discoveries and whether she is able to select one. This ability alters advanced talents.

As "This ability alters advance talents", not replaces it, you can still select regular advanced talents, right...


Yup, looks right to me.

"can select..in place of..."
he doesn't have to it's up to him if he want to or not each time he get one.
remember that once a rogue is 10th level the advanced talents themselves are optional, you can pick a normal talent if you want. it just widen the verity you have. this make it even wider.

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