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If an enemy is under the effects of Calm Emotions (normal failure effect) and another enemy throws something at that enemy to end the effect, would that trigger an AOO? If the object missed the target would that end the spell? What is a hostile action anyways?

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Hostile Action {From Page 305 of the Core Rulebook)

"Sometimes spell effects prevent a target from using hostile actions, or the spell ends if a creature uses any hostile actions. A hostile action is one that can harm or damage another creature, whether directly or indirectly, but not one that a creature is unaware could cause harm. For instance, lobbing a fireball into a crowd would be a hostile action, but opening a door and accidentally freeing a horrible monster would not be. The GM is the final arbitrator of what constitutes a hostile action."

So any action that knowingly could cause harm or damage would be considered a hostile action, even if said action ultimately did not cause harm, dependent on DM. If the enemy throws something at a 'Calmed' creature with the intent to harm, it would break the spell, even if said thrown object misses, as it is still a hostile action against it.

As far as AOO, I think this is a bit of a grey area. I would say if the Trigger for the AOO was 'Targeted for an attack' then they could still do it, as the breaks when they are targeted, {ie, spell breaks and they can reaction at the same time}. But this is arguable {Reactions are a bit complicated, the fact that the triggering action is also what breaks the spell and timing of it leaves some grey area, ie "Which one is the cart, and which one is the horse?").

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Atalius wrote:
If the object missed the target would that end the spell? What is a hostile action anyways?

It's the state of mind which makes the action hostile. If I attack someone and fail, it's a hostile action. If I make a critical failure at my Treat Wounds check, it's not a hostile action. Dealing damage is not enough in my opinion to qualify for a hostile action.

So, I don't know if attacking an ally qualifies as a hostile action. Especially if you decide to just slap him. As a DM, I would certainly force a player to make a proper attack for it to qualify as a hostile action. Making an unarmed non lethal attack would not be hostile enough (it would not be an action intended to harm or damage as I would have taken all the precautions for it not to harm much).

So, throwing something at an enemy is not hostile for me. You need to make a proper range attack, and one that can really deal damage, not just throwing a non magical dagger with no strength.

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