Seeking Advice on a Psychic Spellcaster Concept


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I'm beginning a Hell's Rebels campaign soon, and I'm having trouble deciding the best way to execute my concept.

Basically, I want a character that focuses on using his mind to manipulate both organic and inorganic material that is already present around him. Thematic spells would be found mostly in the enchantment (manipulating brains/synapses), necromancy (manipulating bodies, both dead and alive), and transmutation (manipulating both animated and inanimate objects). Sample spells: animate rope, cause fear, sleep, suggestion, blindness/deafness, enter image, shrink item, animate dead, command undead, possession/object possession.

Currently considering Mesmerist (Material Manipulator or Projectionist), Occultist (Vanilla or Silksworn...changes spellcasting to Arcane though), Psychic (Rebirth Discipline), or Sorcerer (Psychic Bloodline). I prefer the more subtle psychic spellcasting to Arcane or Divine for this concept.

I think the MM Mesmerist is probably my best option, but I'm open to the other options...or even options I haven't listed (including non-psychic options)


A telekineticist could also do a lot of this. Aether/void with the kinetic invocation feat could even dabble in necromancy

I think the occultist will be best for this if you want to do necromancy, but any of those can do a lot of that concept.

I was also going to recommend a kineticist.

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