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Every time I hit the Edit button on my wishlist, I keep getting the error window with pathfinder playtest links. Any word on what is going on with this?

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Just reporting that I am also getting this same exact error. I'm not sure if this was covered on a different thread by Paizo staff, but it's the only one I've seen, so I wanted to corroborate the report.

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Same here, trying to edit my wishlist and I get a 404-type page with seriously out of date playtest links. Glad to know it's not just me, but while it slightly improves my mood, that doesn't actually bring me closer to a solution.

I've got the same issue. I want to remove items from one wishlist and rename two others. No matter which wishlist I try to edit I get the same error page as others have mentioned.

I am not able to edit my wishlist either. I just keep getting sent to the error page when I click on the edit button. This is in IE 11 and Edge 80.0.361.66 running current version of Windows 10 64bit.

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Thanks for the reports, we will take a look at this.

I can add that i tried to delete a wishlist and was not able to do so.
It's empty but still not possible to delete, weirdly enough i was able to edit it and make it not public.

The wishlist i want to edit was created by adding an item to and selecting new wishlist and it accepted my comment when i created/and added the item. I tried to get rid of the comment and maybe then i can edit the wishlist.

Nope, not possible to get past that Errorgolem. My Level/CR is not high enough to pick a fight with that golem.

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I'm also having this problem, and it,s been going on for some time now.

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Same. I was trying to edit. Only managed to update quantity to 0.

Still having this issue.

If I create a new wishlist and don't add anything, I can edit it. As soon as I add anything, I get the error screen when clicking the edit button.

I think it is having troubles loading the data.

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The Problem is still going on for me as of now. Is this a matter they won't be able to address until the Covid situation is passed or is their another reason?

I suspect it is a case of being too low on the priority list.

I really hope the reason is that they are working on a new site and are about done. The issues on this site have been going for quite a while.

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Problem is still ongoing.....

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Sorry for the long delay on this one, folks!

I'm happy to report that our next release (dropping probably this week or next) should include a fix for this issue.

Ok, I was able to organize and cleanup my lists. Thank you.

I found out you need to remove all items from the wish list before you can delete the list. When I tried to delete the list before removing the items, I was redirected to the generic error page. It would probably be helpful to the less tech savvy people if you popup a message telling them to remove all the items before deleting the list.

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