Tool for Domains / Divine characters (take two!)


Horizon Hunters

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Now that Gods and Magic is out, I wanted to see what deities could be chosen by Paladin/Liberator/Champion, and also a quick reference for finding interesting deities if you want a specific domain. So I made something!

I include PFS legal alignments if that's your thing, and then simple Yes/No charts for your favourite class.

Have at it! Let me know if it helps you decide what deity suits your divine character, or interesting deities which have that domain you're looking for.

Divine Character Reference

Sovereign Court

This is pretty cool. Filtering deities looking for something particular is pretty tricky - it's a lot of data columns per deity.

I'd been thinking about making something like this, but also with anathemas, spells and weapons thrown in, since those are fairly impactful in character creation. But coming up with a reasonable visualization is hard because it's such a wide table. Also, sooo much data collection.

Horizon Hunters

I thought that the book gives you a good way to look at gods if you want to find a god and then look at their options.

I'll think about how to tackle the other ways you might look at gods such as by favoured weapon

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