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My problem is the same as Serpentine Owl's in this thread:

I placed this order on the 12th and came back today to check the status. It's showing status=Complete for zero items at $0.00.

I was on the site yesterday to place an order for some digital items yesterday and saw all of these items still sitting in my cart, so I deleted them from my cart so I could add the new items. The new items are still sitting in my cart now, even though I have already completed the order and downloaded them.

My credit card was never charged for this order either. Should I submit a new order, or is this one still going to go through?

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Since the Paizo folks generally go through the threads in this forum in order from oldest to newest, bumping a thread is actually counterproductive. You may want to call them directly if the matter is urgent.

Resolved via email.

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