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Ok, the Flask Thrower

1) The weapon group is thrown ( despite is obviously being a projectile launching device ). Does this mean that it can only fire up to 5 range increments (as opposed to 10 range increments for "projectile weapons") ("A thrown weapon has a maximum range of five range increments. A projectile weapon can shoot to 10 range increments. ")

2)a) Can it be fired 1 handed? b) Can it be loaded 1 handed?
Note that is lacks the language in say a sling : "You can fire, but not load, a sling with one hand. Loading a sling is a move action that requires two hands and provokes attacks of opportunity." (this language is duplicated in a staff sling - but not with weirdness of a bombchucker)

1. I would say yes it is a thrown weapon.
2. I would default to the slingstaff rules as the GM. It seems about right in that regard.

Now this leads me to ask do you get to add strength to damage with a Flask Chucker if it is a thrown weapon?

It's obviously a projectile weapon as you say. The group used for proficiency doesn't change that. Enjoy sending holy water 200' at -20 to hit.

Maybe if you have the ammo lined up on the ground or a shelf ready to go you can load this thing with the hand that holds it - it sounds like a device used to throw tennis balls for dogs which I've seen, which can pick balls up off the ground - but under ordinary circumstances you're going to need a hand to load it. Think about trying to pick something out of your belt pouch with a stick over a metre long. OTOH there's no obvious use for a second hand in firing it.

With regards to what is the real world analogy, I'd say it's a lacrosse stick - which is used 2 handed... and if you weren't picking up a ball from flat ground, would require 2 hands to load... but this is PF and realism need not apply.

Too bad Ammo Drop and Juggle Load specifically call out the sling-type weapons. Perhaps talk to your GM for a houserule to apply those feats to your Flask Thrower. Alternately, just use your sling to hurl the flasks. With Far Shot, Throw Anything, and Equipment Trick (Sling), you can use your sling to throw flasks (not Alchemist bombs though) or other splash weapons up to half your sling's range as a Full Round action.

I imagine the Flask Thrower to be kinda like one of those Tennis Ball Thrower things for playing with your dog or a lacrosse stick like others have suggested, except it would be longer because it's described as a staff in the weapon description. You would probably need to reload it with two hands, and throw the flask with both hands.

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