Can't we just buy a phoenix down?


How much does it cost to get a raise dead spell from a 10th level cleric? I just want to absolutly sure. A character of our group died because the warmage had to burn everyone including the lizard barbarian within 5 feet of himself for 28 damage.

Ah, fireburst, right? Great spell, as long as your buddies aren't standing right next to you.

Assuming an NPC cleric of 10th level can be found and would cast raise dead on a party member, the "donation" required would be 5,500gp. The party might be able to talk said cleric down to 5,000gp, but not really any more (it takes 5,000 gp worth of diamonds to cast raise dead. Also note that such a cleric would not be able to bring back any character who had been dead for more than 10 days.

In the future, it might behoove the players to have on hand a cleric capable of casting revivify (Miniature's Handbook, p 38), which would cost a minimum of 1,450 gp (for a 9th level caster), but doesn't cause the target to loose a level.

To figure out how much spellcasters charge for their magic, multiply the spell level by the caster level times 10. Then add in the cost for material components (twice to three times that if the component is not a trade good (gem, art object, or common trade good like a chicken)), then add in 5 times the XP cost, if any. If the party can haggle well, they might only have to pay for the material components.

Thanks. Yeah, said dead character was indeed right next to the warmage when he cast the spell. We're hoping we can get to waterdeep in 10 days, and she did die in saving a tribe of lizard people from an evil black dragon- so if the cleric believes it, I would imagine he would gladly do it.

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