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Would a wizard with Metamagical Experimentation be able to pick silent spell without first knowing conceal spell? The thesis doesn't mention needing prerequisites for the metamagic you can pick for free, just 1/2 lvl.

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I would say no. When you are allowed to ignore prerequisites, the ability granting you the free feat says so, like a Multi Talented Half Elf or Rough Rider.

RAW, it works.
However, Pathfinder is not played RAW (as by CRB, p.444, bottom left paragraph), so it's very unlikely your GM will clear it.

I'd say yes, but you couldn't get the 2nd part about using Conceal Spell at the same time, as you don't have it. So only to remove the verbal component.

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3 years later...

As Aratorin said, the thesis does not give you the ability to ignore prerequisites or requirements of feats. If something doesn't explicitly allow you to ignore those, you can't ignore them.

I would go so far as to say that by RAW it isn't allowed.

Metamagical Experimentation doesn't remove the requirement of meeting the prerequisites of the metamagic feats that you gain. It adds additional restrictions that it a) be a Metamagic feat, and b) be no more than half your level.

At best this is ambiguous since it doesn't say one way or the other. At which point the Ambiguous Rules rule would apply. And I would rule that gaining a feat without meeting its prerequisites is too good to be true.

In any case, this particular feat is not going to be a problem in about a month and a half. Conceal Spell by itself in the Remaster will do the full job of stealth casting.

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I'm not sure why this thread was revived after so long, but the fundamental logic was flawed. There's no reason that the thesis would bother to say that you need to meet prerequisites. That doesn't need to be restated. I can't see even calling this ambiguous.

HammerJack wrote:
I'm not sure why this thread was revived after so long,

From the look of it, someone wasn't comfortable with the unanimity of the responses and wanted to state an argument for the opposing case.

Which I can respect.

I made sure to have Conceal Spell so that my Wizard (with Rogue Dedication Feats) could take Silent Spell on those days that I wanted to be sneaky. It's worked out quite well.

Conceal Spell looks to be one of the Feats that will operate quite differently in the Remaster, and Silent Spell is simply gone.

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Will there be spellshape feats with other spellshape feats as prerequisites in the remastered game?

Silent spell looks to be going away anyway so I think this issue is being dealt with moving forward.

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