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Trying to order the Gamemastery Guide. I finally got it into the cart by ordering it from the home page, but now it keeps saying "Unable to ship: Contact Customer Service".

Any help?

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Today is a federal holiday, and Customer Service isn't working. When they get back in the office, they work from the bottom of the list (earliest last post in a thread) up, so bumping your thread moves you to the back of the queue.

If you can, you might try calling during business hours tomorrow. I know they have a backlog in their email inbox, and the last forum thread they got to is from Thursday so they're a few days behind there as well. Calling is the quickest way to get your issue resolved.

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Hi Thomas Keller!

Thank you for your patience, we've been working through a backlog of messages. It looks like our site glitched a little, but I've got your Gamemastery Guide all set up to ship as soon as possible. Thank you Joana as well for your assistance!

I see it now says "Pending" in my order history. Does that mean I need to reorder, or that it will be shipped?

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"Pending" means it's waiting its turn to get packed in a box and the shipping label affixed; then the status will change to "Complete."

The order has been "Pending" for over a week now. Do I need to reorder?

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Definitely don't do that unless you want two copies of that book. A second order won't get to you any faster than the first one.

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