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I play a Bard, I've got a Cleric in the party that basically exclusively Heals and keeps our party alive regularly. The Cleric doesn't contribute much offensively at all, quite often during boss fights he won't even use a single offensive spell and just Heals everyone. So to say the least he is instrumental to the success of our party. So here's my question, I was considering adding Sanctuary to my spell repertoire, would it be worth it to help ensure the survival of our Cleric during boss fights? Otherwise I plan on selecting Liberating Command. For those of you who aren't familiar with Liberating Command this is what it does:

Traditions occult
Cast [one-action] (verbal)
Range 60 feet; Targets 1 creature
You call out a liberating cry, urging an ally to break free of an effect that holds them in place. If the target is grabbed, immobilized, or restrained, it can immediately use a reaction
to attempt to Escape.

Where is this from? I don't see it on the occult spell list in my pathbuilder app (Don't have my books handy)

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I don't see it as being very useful. Yes It allows someone to use their reaction to attempt to escape but it far from guarantees it and does not even give a bonus to do so. There are plenty of more useful spells on the occult list (and that's just the list I currently have access to). I see it as maby a scroll or wand type doesn't even get stronger with heightening.

Hmm, on quick glance, if just considering the cleric in mind, I would go with Sanctuary. If the cleric is not planing on using any attacks, it becomes a set and forget spell for the battle, and protects him not only from attacks, but also things like getting grappled. It can also act as a sudo-protection for the party on AOE types of attacks, as the creature still needs to make the save against Sanctuary if said Sanctuary-ed cleric is in the area. Also, on a broader scale, getting 'attacked' happens a lot more then getting grappled, restrained ect. {those things are attacks}.

Sanctuary is also on the Divine list as well, if I'm not mistaken, which means the Cleric cold prepare it himself {not sure what he usually uses the slots for, so this may not be an option, but I've found its one of the better lower leveled spells for a more supportive character.). Liberating Command {from your description.} is limited to the Occult, so you would be the only one whom could use it, which could help out your other party members more then Sanctuary, if those conditions are common at your table. Generally thought, I would go with Sanctuary, as anyone, even if only for a small amount of time, would benefit from being protected {could help buy some time for you cleric to get to a really injured team mate for example.)

Hmm our Cleric has decided to take Sanctuary, so now I can choose Liberating Command but do you feel it's not really worth the slot? It does use up a valuable reaction of our other party members which happen to use their reactions usually for attacks of opportunity. Im not sure if I should just pass on this mediocre spell? Is there anything positive to say about Liberating Command?

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Well, it is a fine example of a spell that retains its full value, while still only being a level 1 slot. Sure, it doesn't guarantee an escape (which isn't even really a point against it in this system where guaranteed successful effects are exceptions, not the rule), but being able to allow the attempt before your ally's turn comes up is still a pretty nice trick to have up your sleeve.

1 action casting is a positive feature, you can cast it in same round as normal 2 action spell.
(or alternatively, 3x in one round to help 3 different allies escape from being grappled/restrained)
If all your spells are 2 action, they are in competition with each other and can't be used as easily/often.
Scrolls/Wands need an extra action to draw (bringing it to 2), unless you always hold the wand/scroll/etc.
Escape has Attack trait suffering MAP, I'm not sure if you could use this on self to get extra try without MAP?
If they have Mirror Image, additional attack to destroy image is good even if not caring about Escaping per se.

Complaining it uses valuable reaction seems a weirdly negative framing IMHO, when it is saving them normal action.
Which are generally just as, if not more powerful than Attacks of Opportunity.
If they prefer to save Reaction for AoE etc, they can tell you that so you don't waste casting it on them.
If you have other spell to buff their Escape check, you can cast that before this to ensure better success.
(which seems more effective at achieving goal of helping escape than just buffing STR/Escape check alone)
Essentially it trades 1 of your actions for 1 of ally's (possibly freeing them immediately/+Crit=5'Step).
Or in bigger picture, enemy spent 1 or more actions Grabbing/Restraining them, that you can negate with 1 action,
while you and rest of allies are presumably otherwise getting full turn, so this is generally attractive tactic.

As to relative value VS alternatives, I don't know rest of your (and party's) repertoire or campaign context.
It might be especially attractive for multiclass or innate magic builds with low casting stat/proficiency.
Certainly it's stronger if expecting many grapple monsters or casters: good situational option for Polymath spellbook?

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Regarding MAP, you could not cast the spell on yourself to get to a second escape attempt without MAP. The attempt being a reaction does not prevent MAP, the attempt being an action outside of your turn does (with the exception of readied actions).

Probably so. MAP is one of it's advantages for allies, not only may it save an action on their turn, but allows to avoid suffering MAP to real attacks subsequent to Escaping. Even if Reaction Escape fails and they need one normal Escape, they get that at full bonus without MAP instead of at -5, and if making subsequent "real" attack that is only at MAP-5 instead of MAP-10. That's probably better than any normal buff to STR/Escape check.

I like it, but I wouldn't get it until higher level. I'd get it at like level 7.

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