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About a month ago on Jan 17 (order 13820211) I subscribed to the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, starting at the Core Set. I was imagining that meant I'd get the Core Set and the expansion shipped right away (I know the expansion would be a separate charge) because they are already out.

What I see right now is Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Core Set moved to sidecart with the explanation that it will ship with a future shipment. And no expansion anywhere. I know there's no announced plans at this time for any other ACG content, so as far as I know there is no future shipment ever coming.

So I'm trying to figure out the right set of actions so that:

* I don't double-purchase anything.
* I end up with the core set and curse of the crimson throne at some point.
* Still be subscribed to any future adventures.

Do I have to do anything other than sit patiently?

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It should have shipped when you ordered it.

Contact Customer service, this forum post will do or call them on Monday, Tuesday if they have Monday off, and talk to them directly will work too.

When you start a sub with an item that has already been released and you select to pay for shipping it should ship immediately. If you have a sub already and you check ship with my next shipment it gets side carted. If you start a sub with an unreleased item it will ship during the cycle it is scheduled to be released.

If you only subbed for the ACG stuff it should ship immediately if that is the shipping you selected.

Also they are currently shipping subs, if you ordered mid jan you should have gotten an order confirmation if it was shipping out this cycle. If it is still in the side cart definitely contact support. This forum post will get a response from customer service.

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Hi Your.Master!

Sorry about that, it looks like there was a little glitch in our system, but I've pushed your order for the Core Set to our warehouse, and have added the Curse of the Crimson Throne expansion as well.

Also, thank you Yoshua for the helpful information!

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Thank you, I see the order has now shifted (gone to Pending), I look forward to playing the game :).

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